Video Games

Video Games
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I haven't even heard of a few of these, I love the mix!

I'm pretty sure I played games before this, but Bart vs the Space Mutants is the first one I remember in detail.

I was about 4 when this came out and I remember being so confused by the way Bart tapped his fingers...I practiced it so much! 😆

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An incredible mix of games. Feel a bit bad that mine was so mainstream now... Deffo a few on here that I'm going to try and either find copies of or find emulators for!

Good job everyone! :D

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No way, Pokémon Yellow is an absolute classic! I think I've always got a playthrough of Red/Blue, Yellow, or Gold/Silver on the go at some point! Currently taking a break (of about 2 months!) on Yellow right before tackling Victory Road.

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Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy colour with the transparent purple case - a thing of beauty!

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I didn't even know the cat had a name... obvious I was playing it before I could even read 😂

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