Video Games

Video Games

Thanks for the tip, I'm gunna give it a shot.

I liked Hearthstone for ages, so I think Bliz has a pretty good record.

Have been played Bloons TD on and off for a while (free if you have Netflix), and so have been getting into mobile gaming a bit more recently.

I've actually been waiting to play Rumble, so I'm glad to hear that it's good fun. I did, however, join the Marvel Snap train a fortnight ago. And as you may know, it's quite hard to put down.

Yeah I played snap when it first came out, played it a lot for about 4 months. Got bored of the battlepass challenges/grind over time and stopped it. Good game though.

It's grindy, for sure. But my older brother has been playing religiously since launch, and I have that little-brother syndrome that makes me need to compete with him in all things. So I will grind and grind and grind until I have decks that can best him.

Great recommendation, installing now!

I've been playing Clash Royale for a while, but would definitely appreciate something a bit more expansive. Like if Clash of Clans just had Clash Royale as a mode, then that'd be much better.


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