Video Games

Video Games

Bit of an unusual one but I'm going to suggest for a pc gamer these dual usb foot pedals by "IKKEGOL" (other footpedal products are available). Similar to extra triggers on the back of a controller you can gain two easy access mappable buttons yet are out the way under your desk. For example in Fortnite you could use one as push to talk and the other as the edit button or to switch materials, freeing up mouse buttons or those around wasd for other things.

Streamers could use them for production controls a bit like a streamdeck. At work you could bind them to some shortcuts depending on the job, eg forward and rewinding audio/video. Mute audio etc

For me it's this, we all played Halo, and well, not to be rude, if you haven't played Halo, what is wrong with you? So I am going to submit this, as my go-to Xmas present for gamers, also I totally did not just order this...

I didn't know I needed this until right now.

So all you guys can finally take a wash!

I'm just kidding. On a more serious note

Some players might love this little poster of the original Shipment map, done in watercolour for a really cheap price too! (I'm not going to promote, it's just chucking an idea out)

I'm a big tea drinker and one gadget I could not be without at my desktop is a cup heater. More often then not I'll make a cuppa, queue up for a game and then forget about it. By the time I come to drink it it's lukewarm, nobody wants to drink lukewarm tea!!

The cup heater will plug into any usb and is a must have for the colder months, useful for any hot beverage, just pick your poison!

If you played FFXIV you will be familiar with the various Allagan tomestones, an ingame currency you get for completing dungeons and get to spend then on gear. You either have too much of them and don't know what to spend them on or you can't get enough.

Now you can get an Allagan tomestone shaped wireless mobile charger stand. I think it's pretty cool as you can actually look at your phone since it's not the usual flat charging pad but a stand as well.

Neon signs of your loved one's gamer tag are really cool (even if they don't stream) to personalise game rooms and create certain vibes as well!

What's better than a top of the art game controller to help you get those amazing wins in the new OG fortnite.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Is my top choice for a great gamer gift.

Planetary Nebula Pendants

These pendants make the perfect gift for a space game enthusiast (e.g. EVE, No Man's Sky, Star Field, etc.).

Be mesmerized by the wonders that await you in space! 🌌

Ooh I'm into the top-right one!

My vote goes for some gaming themed Lego! As it’s suitable for all ages and who doesn’t love Lego! Lego mixed with gaming is a winner! My wife spoiled me and got me this Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck which I can’t wait to build once I figure out where I am going to display it! What also makes a gift like this great if you can build it with your partner or family so everyone can join in the fun! Also there is sets available from Nintendo, Pac-Man, Atari and Sega too so there is going to be something suitable for every gamer out there!


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