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hot take is this is gonna come bundled with PS5 Pro. The footage in the trailer is definitely from a top of the line PC or / PS5 Pro. Will be a big win for Sony if that’s the best place to play GTA6 on console if Microsoft doesn’t change from their leaked plans of no pro model Xbox! Going to be interesting to see!

I hope GTA 6's Vice City is smaller than GTA 5's San Andreas. I'd prefer a dense, lively world packed to the brim with things to do rather than an empty husk that becomes a chore to get from A to B and back again.

Hot take, but I love the fact that the lead character isn't a guy but instead a female lead. I am wondering how this would shake things up for those who are fans of the game and wanted another male lead. I think it's a really great change up to the games history, however I am wondering if that will change the dynamic of how players interact with NPC's or even just the game itself.

Before I get into the hot takes, firstly... WOW! The game looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see more of it. The scenic shots of the environment, the detailed graphics, the music sounding very CSI Miami... it has me so hyped!

As for a hot take: seeing a lot of snippets of social media appearing in the trailer, I feel that this MIGHT become a feature in the game. GTAV used a smartphone for basic needs, but I think there might be a feature to "create" content in game... kind of like a more in-depth photo-mode and some people may find this too mainstream or appealing to different audiences but GTA has always been a game in a modern (at the time) setting and with social media's prominence in our real world especially more so in the last decade since GTAV's release, it may be more prominent in the game's world too... and I'm honestly fine with that. I love virtual photography in games so being able to create videos and such for a fake social media platform in-game could actually be something quite fun and also gives other virtual photographers another way to make their content too. It could be a really fun and creative feature.

Looks stunning. Looking at those graphics assuming it looks like that in game (it should do as Rockstar don’t do downgrades), the scale and detail it looks to have, can any open world game like this really look significantly better, with the diminishing returns we have these days?

The man hours and cost by the time it releases to get this quality and level of detail in the world & characters, find it hard to believe anyone will be able to repeat it or go one better than it in my lifetime. Something to ponder on for us older gamers as at this rate with how much longer each installment takes to arrive, we might not be around to see GTA7!....

Maybe I have got carried away with the hype and I will laugh at this comment in the future.

Hot take: The trailer won't do the actual game justice.

Just watching the trailer, it didn't exactly show everything that VI has to offer, mainly focusing on the protagonist and the story. There were some great aspects to the trailer, but it just didn't seem like it really displayed what it was all about.

Well after viewing that trailer I'm more than hooked. It's giving me a vice city vibe especially with colour choice and cars. The main character is quite intriguing aswell why a female in the trailer? What's her story? So many questions but all we be answered later on as we have to wait one more year for the release. Excited but sad it's taking long. The graphics are going to be out of this world,top specs, ps5.


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