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It's the Gameboy, i still have mine, and still works :P I remember going on car journeys and having to use motorway lights to play Tetri and Mario, then we got the in-car fold-over light, there was no comparison, and tbh, if I'm super honest, the Gameboy still reigns supreme for me.

Yes! Game Boy absolutely reigns supreme! I thinned my Game Boy console collection down but kept a couple of them and kept all my games too! Wario Land, Links Awakening, Tetris, Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Pinball Land got played to death on mine!

The gameboy is a GOATED handheld and that has nothing to do with nostalgia goggles, I only ever had a Colour and is was one of the beautiful purple ones. I hope my dad stored it somewhere and didn't give it away :(

PSP, even though I sold it to a friend years ago, it still works perfectly as I was told. It was very comfortable to play on.

Tempted to get a Switch though as I want to play Zelda.

PSP was definitely underrated. The God of War game for it was actually great.

Ok so I've put steam deck purely because I bought it with the late nights up with baby in mind but actual answer is Game Boy!

I wish I had our original one - the story of it was we were driving to visit our nan and my dad just stopped the car in the middle of the road (no other cars around don't worry!) he hopped out picked something up off the floor and threw it to us in the back seat. It was an OG Game Boy with a 12 game cartridge and rechargeable batteries! That thing stayed with me for YEARS, until an ex stole it when we split up.

I could absolutely wax lyrical about the Game Boy for days - and they're super fun to repair as well!

I'm pretty sure/hopeful my OG Game Boy is in my mum's garage. Highly doubt it'd ever come to life again, mind...

Oh I'm sure I could bring it back to life! I still have a bunch of OG GB spare parts here!

Dead heat between original Game Boy and Game Boy Color - the latter mostly because of my intense and long-lasting Mario Golf addiction.

I saw someone mention playing by the motorway lights in another discussion and immediately thought of my Gameboy Colour. I loved it!

This is the first case of Mario Golf addiction I've ever heard of.

It was pretty severe - I couldn't stop until I had 100% completion, and honestly that makes Dark Souls look like a piece of cake.

Funny you mention Dark Souls, I've just started my first ever playthrough yesterday. Good to know it'll be useful practice for Mario Golf afterwards!

Oh wow - I envy you. Not sure there's a single game I'd rather relive for the first time than Dark Souls. Best ever.

No love for the Game Gear?

Sure it ate batteries like they were nothing, but it had a backlit 32-colour 3.2 inch screen, TV adapter, and it looked like the Steamdeck.

Look at this beast - peak SEGA if you ask me! 😆

So, as a Sega Master System kid I always wanted one but never had one. I bought one in my 20s and it lasted a little bit before the capacitors started giving out. I endeavoured to replace them but quickly gave up when I realised just how many I'd have to replace and how fiddly it was.

The other thing they tried to do that was just a bit of an own goal was doing the opposite to the Super Game Boy on Nintendo that allowed you to play your GB games on your SNES. Imagine carting around your Master System Games to plug into your Game Gear on the fly!

They were ambitious I'll give them that!

That was the first console I ever owned. I absolutely love that version of Sonic 1 and played it so much

I loved playing Game Gear! Lots of cool games on there!

I feel anyone that hasn't tried the Steam Deck doesn't know what they're missing. I grew up with handhelds from the very first Game Boy and owned every single Nintendo portable that came out. I owned the PSP but was late to the Vita, grabbing one only about a year before everything was shutting down. I've had a few knock-offs or one-shots from companies attempting their own Game Boys. I've also tried the Asus ROG Ally, Aya Neo (first Ayaneo product before the name change), and OneXPlayer. Steam Deck beats them all.

While there are plenty of foundational or game-changing devices out there for their time, nothing has ever offered the sheer value for money that the Steam Deck does. There are more powerful versions like the Lenovo Legion Go and ROG Ally, but Steam Deck features the perfect blend of an affordable cost, trackpads and gyro for the most versatile control schemes, and a dedicated Linux overlay that beats the hell out of using Windows on a portable. It's an emulation powerhouse that can play everything every other handheld can and more.

I have fond memories of all those handhelds, but don't let nostalgia cloud your judgement that Steam Deck is the one true handheld.

The nostalgia says game boy and i still really love it but I think the Switch has over taking it. I remember thinking of it as an ipad with water wings but I was very wrong about it. Games like Zelda BOTW and TOTK are some of my favourite gamesof all time. I even love the creative stuff like Lobo. The Switch feels like what the Vita was ment to be a handheld that could give a home console experience. Also you can play Kingdom of Amular and Red Dead Redemption on it 10/10 console.

To be fair, nostalgia is there because we made memories with them, so there's no reason it can't be the best to you. I'm just thinking more objectively in what something can physically do. I think you're right to an extent, though. Switch certainly made Steam Deck possible, and bridged the gap between handheld and traditional console.

  • If we're talking nostalgia, Game Boy takes it (Colour, Advanced, and DS could all take it for me, I have fond memories of all).

  • If we're talking capability and value, Steam Deck wins it hands down.

  • It we're talking influence (both professionally and popularity), Switch takes the cake.

100% by a country mile the steam deck is the best handheld. The other thing the switch has going for it is price point and ease of use. Looking forward to see Switch pro too as the Switch is showing its age. Especially with games like Tears of the Kingdom.

Preach. I mean, I'm hardly qualified since I've never owned a handheld console before, but Steam Deck is the only one that made me feel like I was missing something, and owning one has only vindicated that view.

It truly is a game-changer. I'll give credit to Nintendo Switch for paving the way because I feel like it legitimised 'powerful' handhelds that play beefier games, but Steam Deck just does it all.

I think the Nintendo Switch might be my favourite console and so I guess it wins best handheld by default. I do play it mostly docked, but I'm definitely partial to playing Animal Crossing or Sonic Mania or something while curled up on the couch

If we're talking modern handheld then its the switch but if we're talking retro/old school then i would have to say it's the Gameboy Advance, that was such a cool console. I still have a bunch of the game cartridges around the house

Lot of Game Boy love in this thread, but bit of a curve ball there going for the Advance

I'm a fan of the Game Boy consoles but yea it was how the console was designed. It felt more comfortable holding that in my hands, that and it was close to the shape of a controller


I never actually had one, but one of my close friends used to "rent" his out for £2 a night - i was about 12/13 or so.

Penguin wars, Tetris, there were others - but those were actually the two that stuck out in my mind!

Happy days!


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