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Here's my very festive Zote from Hollow Knight offering on X!

And just because the tweet doesn't seem to be showing up when I try to expand it here's the image just in case!

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Krato's wishes all us weak mortals a very Merry Christmas 🎅🏻

(attached because like Stu I was having issues with expanding it)

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He really looks like he's gotten into the festive spirit...

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Don't let his moody appearance fool you, he's no scrooge, his fav Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas Is You

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BREAKING NEWS: Santa Claus has disappeared! But don't you fear, the mighty Santa Clive is here to deliver your Christmas presents. Were you naughty or nice?

Won't let me expand it so posting the picture here as well:

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Mate this is awesome, also followed you on Twitter as well :)

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Thank you! Was looking through my screenshots for one where I can just put a hat on him, then found this and the pose was just too good not to take advantage of :D

Followed back :)

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Who knew a candy cane could be a lethal weapon

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Excellent! Love the multicoloured yoshis. Somehow feels more plausible than flying reindeer

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heres a festive photoshop of Leon and ghostface from dead by daylight! This is one of my favorite screenshots I’ve taken in game.

Couldn’t expand, so added the screenshot here :)

Edit: also, if a screenshot like this isn’t allowed, please let me know😅

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Also here on twitter

Master Chief looking in despair at the toys of himself people got him for Christmas!


I had to go for my trusty Ultramarine blasting away crimbo looking forward to slaying 2024 🔥 I’ve posted it on Twitter but the preview never seems to work for me I will also post here 💪


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