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I used to have one to let my Wii plug into an HDMI, but I don't think it'd work here.

Retro Stu is this something you've got any experience with?


yeah I’ve already got one for my Wii but don’t think it will do the trick either think I need something like this but the reviews for using it for an N64 seem all over the place

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Personally I don't have any experience with them just because I have an old CRT TV for mine (A Philips Discoverer to be precise! See below)

I have a few friends who have had some degree of success with the Hyperkin HDMI for N64 or variants thereof. Prices vary from around £15 for non branded ones to anywhere around £40+ for a Hyperkin once you take into account shipping etc.

Hope you find one that suits budget etc! I can always ask around for some more definitive recommendations though if you want/need.

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That is the single greatest piece of gaming hardware I've ever seen!

Tell me there's a face screensaver you can put on there!? 👨‍🚀


my nephew has my N64 now and got Uzifhdhi RCA to HDMI Adapter Converter from amazon back in May/June. It works well for the cost and in the hour I played smash brothers we didn't have any issues. Some of the game sounds had a 'tinny' kind of sound to them (if that makes sense).

Biggest pain from what he said was having to get the power block to plug it in as it only came with the cord.


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