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Stargate MMO? Imagine all the exploring which could be done

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With you, 100% on this one, three series, could be three games and the abilities people could have for the characters, would be epic

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I can imagine it similar to how Star Trek Online used to be. First / third person shooter when you said an away team down to a planet and it's hostile. Some planets would be explorations or aiding missions, and you can easily make different factions as well (who wouldn't want to be a goa'uld system lord?)

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Hell yes, rule an empire and make everyone get me grapes (funny how the system lords loved grapes...)

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Hmm great question - I can think of plenty of games to TV series!

Stranger Things would be a good one - I know they've had a couple of pixel based games but something like a TellTale would be good.

OH! Without a doubt, Archer! I know XIII had the look of Archer but something with the humour in would be great.

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I would be so down for an Archer game, but it'd have to genre hop and parody different games.

Goldeneye for the raaaampaaaageee, XCOM for squad-based tactical missions, and Hitman for the solo spycraft sections.

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The Boys would be great!

Maybe a Buffyverse game would be cool. Plenty of potential for a tight melee fighting system, lots of great characters to play or write, and endless potential for new villains and stories.

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I had the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game on my Gameboy Colour! Such a fun little side scroller but I would totally play a bigger RPG style game.

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My wife actually still has the Gameboy Color game and I got her the Buffy PS2 game a few years back!

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There are so many games like The Boys, all them failed. The 6 Best Superhero MMOs in 2023 - MMORPG.GG

Potentially Severance could be something like Control or The Stanley Parable

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OK so hear me out - Metalocalypse

It'd be a band management sim with a touch of Rock Band and Dungeon Keeper.

You play as the band's manager and decide the setlist, the design of the stage and arena, and allocate Gears (their crew) to different areas.

The crowd reacts to your choices (setlist, stage design) and other random events (invasions, natural disasters etc.), and your allocated Gears then automatically respond. You then play one or several of the instruments (it could be multiplayer!), and this pushes the crowd to react more strongly one way or another.

You win/lose by completing the set, having all of the fans or Gears die, or by overcoming the random event.


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