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PS5 is a really fine console, graphics are beautiful and the controller is comfy. My only complaint would be the slim version not being slim enough :D

Never had an Xbox so can't say much about that, but still thinking to get a Switch so I could play Zelda.

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Wait... I don't see the Sega Master System or Game Cube anywhere on the list... In all seriousness, good to see the Switch getting some plaudits, I just wish I could afford more games for it!

Oh and just a FYI, I think the spoiler is wrong on the post - looks like PS5 got C+, Xbox B- and Switch A. It looks like they've put the console name at the top and the grade at the end of the discussion of each one.


aww yeah I think your right that’s confusing the way they have put that! Yeah I agree the switch is so good, I just got super Mario wonder at Christmas and it’s fab!

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I love cozy gaming on my Switch. I remember being so reluctant to get one because I thought 'do I really need another console' and thank God my husband thought better. Best gift he's ever given me!

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In my opinion, the Nintendo Switch is a marvel. I mean, come on, it's a six-year-old console with a GPU chip from 2015, and it's still selling strongly during Christmas in 2023.

It serves as an excellent beacon for game developers, clearly demonstrating that advanced technology, with all its teraflops and bells'n'whistles, is merely a way to compensate for poor game design. Great games don't need photorealistic, high-polygon graphics with ray tracing.

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Out of the three, gun to my head, Xbox supreme IMO. Then PS5 and then Switch. - I wish we could get a "new" N64-type console instead of a handheld one.


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