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I watched a couple of people play it and there is a good base of a game there, but it needs quite a bit of work. I'll be curious if modders keep picking at it to improve it.

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I was so cross, I was hyped beyond belief for this, in my head this was Dayz V2, time to get stuck in and play, and boy oh boy was I disappointed, because it was rushed out and no pre-tests was done, i was so cross, then it folded, it could have been something amazing, I hope they do have an offline mode cause I will deffo download it :P

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Oh I'm so sorry! Had you already pre-ordered it? Its such a shame but you're right, hopefully another studio can learn from these mistakes and see that there's definitely an appetite for this is they are willing to put in the work and do it right.

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Yeh and it folded and I was very cross xD


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