Video Games

Video Games

It's a no brainer for me! HADEEEEEEEEES!

Are you truly making me choose between FF7 Rebirth and FFXIV? 😱

Given that... I know 1 title from the list (technically 2 but 1 being an expansion I have no clue what that expansion is about)... it ends up being too easy of a choice. (Aside that I just can't get excited for games anymore, more kind of lightly curious/interested.)

That's not always a bad approach! The company should strive to get players interested, so having a healthy dose of skepticism means they'll really have to wow you to win you over.

Interesting to see Turnip Boy tied at the top for the moment! I tried the demo and I enjoyed it, but think I prefer the tax evasion game.

They've gone a more bullet hell roguelike route for this second instalment which isn't a bad thing at all, I love them and Enter the Gungeon is one of my favourite games - but for me I just didn't quite see the same charm that Tax Evasion had. That being said - it was just the demo and I will gladly be proven wrong!

Nice vote feature!


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