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Okay so for this video, it's Fortnite all over, to many gold weapons and mythics!

Won't let me in-bed the short for some reason :)

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That's how the Game of the Year show should look like!

Samuel's avatar This is definitely in my top 3 favourites of videos - The game threw everything it had at em, and the priceless voice tops it all. Anyone who has played this game before knows just how screwed that situation is haha!

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coming back to this with another lethal company tiktok! I ALWAYS laugh so hard at these videos they’re great

Volume Warning

S Online is an MMO about spaceships. There is a strong tournament scene that people take seriously. There is a gag mechanic in the game where you can equip a firework launcher with cool firework effects instead of weapons to fight. In a competitive tournament, someone recently used a fireworks launcher to confuse their opponent and lag their game by overloading their computer with particle effects and lighting from spamming a fireworks launcher.


my submission is such a random one and purely because I redownloaded Halo infinite 2 days ago and started playing again! (Having a blast btw and loving the campaign, Duno what changed just feels more fun than I Remeber, maybe it’s me who has changed!!)

But after playing multiplayer and tempering the funny glitches at the squad intro screens I had a search on YouTube yesterday and for being such a simple glitch I find it so hilarious that your squad is hyping themselves up for a battle to the death and there you are (or one of your teammates) just standing in the distance contemplating life lmao

So simple and yet so funny and I hope they haven’t patched this out of the game!


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