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Well, the article is interesting but for me, this would be an "I'm bored, imma playing this for a bit" kind of game. But for people who love the genre of it, mystery etc, would be a good fit.

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That's fair, I'm the same way with other types of game!

As enjoyable as they might be, starting a new game is a bit of a commitment, but you know your regulars will be satisfying. It's probably partly why people have a gaming backlog!

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Mine is massive lol,

The game log...

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Alone in the Dark remake by THQ

Many puzzles, remake of the classics

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Thanks Sturmer, I just felt myself turn to dust! 😝 I looked up the original which was released in 1992, but my brain refused to accept that that was 32 years ago! Even as I type this I'm double checking my maths.

Anyway, I'll have to check out the new one.


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