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This I have never played, which is Odd cause iv'e played most games by Sega

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Never did, but heard Shenmue blueprinted the open-world action-adventure genre before GTA 3 so was always interested - would love to know what you make of them! Shame that Shenmue 3 seemed to sink without trace.

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Yes played and completed the first one on the Dreamcast and loved it (amazing console and games library, was a real shame it died so fast). Played the 2nd on the original Xbox and it was good too.

They have to be looked at for what they were in the years they released though. Both games are a chore to play today (e.g tank controls). Shenmue 1 is nothing special now but at the time it was amazing how you could walk around the town and interact with the different people going about their daily routines, play games in the arcade, interact with different things etc. They do have a certain charm and unintentional comedy to them from the things lost in the translation and the cheesy dialogue also.

Not so much for the game but for the progression of the unfinished story I always wanted a shenmue 3. That E3 Sony conference with it being announced and FFVII remake was the peak of E3 over all the years. Everything people joked about and wished for each year finally happened.

But then after all that I didn't ever play Shenmue 3 after how bad even fans of the franchise said it was. They were games of thier time but I hope the guy does finish the story one day, say through some prerendered YouTube series or something.

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I know people love these games but I have seen nothing to warrant that affection. Even the new one was just terrible. Each to their own of course but just not for me.


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