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No, No, No, No and Did I mention No?

They are already under investigation for unfair trade practices. Something like this would just further the wheel. We need to keep these companies separate because this is what makes them who they are.

We have Apple/Microsoft/Sony all under investigation at this point, they all need to stop skirting the edge of trade laws and wishing for ways to make billions more.


I just feel they are loosing their identity and devaluing the brand, it’s really sad to see how Xbox has been handled since the original Xbox and 360… especially with such vast sums of money behind them and a ton of top developers in house.

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I agree, this needs to stop, these companies need to stop trying to control everything and everyone, I like the fact that Sony has games Xbox does not and epic can sell games cheaper etc.

No these companies need to pick a lane, stay in it and with all due respect, stop acting like such dickheads when it comes to money.

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Thie article is misleading because he was asked could he see a future where this happened and he said yes. He did not say "I want the Epic games store on Xbox".

I think this is the direction of travel and Inevitable assuming consoles stick around for the long term. Today companies are fighting over the right to have open platforms on phones (android already is anyway?), tommorow it will be consoles and the right to sell on them instead of one monopoly storefront on there.

I can't see them being able to be the only store on the devices forever. It's actually a fairly recent revenue stream where the console manufacturer now gets the game retail cut as well. Obviously all sales were by a massive range of retailers not so long ago.

I can't see how it would work practically though having multiple stores to download or browse through to find the cheapest offering!

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I think t some point in the next 2 console generations, xbox will just be managing game pass, publishing games (maybe) and producing controllers


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