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Video Games

This is the sort of VR game I've been waiting for!

It's super worth the cash if you ask me!

First things first, I'll need a headset. I've actually only used one once in a walk-in Tokyo VR zombie experience, but boy-oh-boy was it fun.

Oh that sounds phenomenal haha.

VR used to be a high entry barrier, but now that the Quest 3 is out, you can get the Quest 2 for pretty cheap (that's the headset I'm using via Questlink)

I just googled it, you're right - that's much cheaper than the last time I checked!

Whoa hey now... using my go-to gif haha.

If you do decide to get one @ me. There are about half a dozen PHENOMENAL games you can play for free.

"VR legs" are a real thing and the freebies really help because they are made as introductory experiences, but a few of them are genuinely good games. Like Propagation VR. It's a static shooter with a light story, but it's gorgeous and tense AF.

Chances are it's not going to be anytime too soon; I've got a backlog of games to work through first. But if I do, you'll be getting an @ real fast

Nice! I will have to check it out too. I don't have a VR headset as well. Time to start looking into it :D

Quest 2! Cheap and effective, my friend. Plus, you can play my fav VR game of all time RE4VR on it when you don’t feel like hooking up to the PC haha

seriously? is it like built in or something? I'll check it out

For the quest 2 it is yeah. Fully wireless! It’s incredible


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