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maybe it is a PR? :) Everyone on a planet talking about them for 2 weeks lol

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At the moment it just feels like Sony and Microsoft are so out of touch with the world (I think you can say that about most corporations). The decisions they make baffle me sometimes.

Unfortunately they won't learn because people will still buy/play the games and so nothing changes.

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To be fair I wouldn't put it passed them to be having a 4D chess strategy. Stop Skeletons from Fighting (YT) did a really good retrospective of the 360 and their RROD issue. Microsoft intentionally sold faulty hardware as they wanted marketshare of the console space however Sony wanted to take over the home media so pushed hard on the Blu-Ray.

Obviously at the time consumers only saw that their 360's were breaking and PS3's being $600 on release so I do wonder if there is a strategy that we just aren't seeing

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Not to be too contrarian but I feel poor company choices come and go in this industry. I still remember when one of the biggest releases COD Modern Warfare 2 removed dedicated servers from the PC port. Steam group made to boycott the game and yet on release, members of that group were playing.

I feel that no matter the poor business practice, good games will win out or they will learn from the next iteration. Street Fighter V released with hardly any characters or modes - I think it was arcade, trials, and Vs. - the core modes required. But then the sequel was better received with a lot more modes and features .

People will forget about this or Sony will allow these countries back onto the PSN later and no one will talk about it

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It does seem a lot of larger gaming companies are making seriously bad decisions at this point which is pointing more towards money grabbing and less caring about the actual people whoa re playing the games themselves.


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