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So far this year I've hit WASD, if I can get the money together I am going to attend MCM in London this month.

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I didn’t realise there was one this month! I’ll check it out. :)

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Our next will be EGX in October. Unless they do another surprise WASD again this year in September like they did last year.

I spoke with a few exhibitors/attendees of Gamescom last year and we decided against it. It's extremely busy with massive crowds and very long queues (up to 3 hours).

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yeah it looks huge, but I have family nearby so it seemed like a good excuse to visit but also have a thing to do to get time away from family 😄 I’ll have a think. It might not work out timing wise.

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Devcom, Gamescom for sure.

Tokyo Games Show, London Comicon, and Money2020 but need to find a sponsor as travel there is expensive.

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Probably EGX in October unless WASD do another one this year! ☺️

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Hoping to get to Gamescom this year Hoping to get a creators/press pass. Also EGX.


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