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First impression I saw this aircraft is just normal but when I try my friend's own it's fantastic.

I feel like easy peasy to control this aircraft and it variety roles like air ambulance, cargo, executive transport. and overcome I like this aircraft

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Haven't played in a while but my favourite was the Cessna 152. This is the starter plane aspiring pilots usually start with, and once and instructor took me up in it back in Hungary. It was just a cruise, not a flying lesson as I didn't have that kind of money, but surely it was a kickstart to my love for flying. So when I got flight simulator I started with this little aircraft and I love it because it's fairly simple for beginner to learn. Need to get the new flight sim to try it again with the advanced graphics. Back in the days of FSX you had to get this as an add-on, I think it's included now in the new version.

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Generally I jsut load Flight sim up to mess about trying to push the extremes of a plane.

I like using the F18 or 747 to try and get as high as I can into the air, then kill the engines and see how long I can last in the air and what stunts I can do without any power... Then eventually I will try and glide into the best landing spot I can still with no power.

If I'm looking to just view an certain area of the map or take screenshots then I will use one of the small easy ones with good views like Da40NG.

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For me out of the small amount of planes I have tried so far it has to be the Boeing 747 there's just something different about flying a plane that size that I love and compared to the rest it's a different experience especially if you take it on a long haul flight.


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