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The only game I was remotely interested in was SH2 remake and it continues to disappoint. Astro Boy looked ok and I really liked how it was showing homage to other SONY IPs especially Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Journey.


Yeah it definitely was not what I was expecting! Really weird! Whenever they have a showcase it’s gotta be good!

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Obviously there was no Bloodborne so that was a disaster, but outside of that I thought it was a mixed bag. Concord tried very hard and clearly had a lot of budget behind it but I felt all that dialogue and world building fell pretty flat. Infinity Nikki, that weird open world RPG platformer dress up game looked cute, and there were a couple other games that were clearly influenced by FromSoft whose names I forget but they looked great. Astrobot stole the show, though. It looks like Sony are trying to out-Nintendo Nintendo with that one.

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The whole Concord part was really weird. They hyped up how amazingly creative the team were and the brilliant original characters they had created in the talking heads intro and they were so good here's about 5 minutes of cgi to show them. I was really confused as they are all quite clearly heavily inspired by Guardians Of The Galaxy and not original at all. The whole look and feel of the game was as if you had a license to a book version of some IP and couldn't use the film character/actor likenesses.

I was quite confused to be honest. Looks like a Wish/Temu version of Overwatch meets Guardians of the Galaxy. Really strange one. But then later we had marvel rivals which again looks like a marvel skin on overwatch, but this time it's an official product. If this game added guardians Of The Galaxy characters and stories into it like they could do, then where does that leave Concord, given that seems to be the whole concept?


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