Video Games

Video Games

Yeah Ive not played it in in like 2 years I think, and I mean I’ve put thousands of hours into it and streamed it the day it went live so I’ve been about since before there was a battle pass and spent a TON of money, but I did just get so burnt out with the constant battle pass grind and never ending collaboration money drain that I just decided I am done with this, and moved my time onto more story based games which I am glad I have as I’ve been enjoying my gaming again and it feels far more rewarding. I actually am not starting to think Fortnite has been pretty damaging to the video game industry as a whole but that’s a story for another day lol in terms of multiplayer games what I have been enjoying is playing though a campaign in co-op like gears of war with friends or jumping into hellndivers 2 which has just been a blast!


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