Video Games

Video Games

As much as I would like to see Metroid, I suspect at this stage it will be held back for the sequel console. That being said, we could start seeing new title reveals for cross gen games so that could be interesting.

Unfortunately hype for this one is really low for me as I’m expecting a load of filler games as developers focus on the future. Maybe something Call of Duty related but that doesn’t fit the Nintendo Direct vibe.

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We got Metroid BOYZ!

Fantasian ❤️ And I don't have to buy a Switch for it as it's coming to other platforms too! After seeing Sakaguchi-san at the FFXIV Fan Fest I was so hoping it will mean something more. Well looks like this was it. So happy!

Didn’t get to watch this. I need to catch up. I wonder if there were any new “cozy” games that they introduced!


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