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Makes me feel so old. Has there ever been a more influential video game series?


Haha just be grateful we have been along for the journey! I Remeber getting GTA on PC back in the day and just loving the chaos you could cause, but you are right it’s incredible how it has developed over the years into the juggernaut we know today

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One of the best franchises ever. I think it's a shame that the dev cycles have gotten so long that it's kind of fallen off the boil a bit, compared to series up to GTA IV where it felt like there was always a new GTA game to be excited for. I absolutely cannot wait for GTA VI, they let it go so long without a new entry


Totally agree! Would maybe be cool if they had a sub brand with smaller more regular games similar in size to like vice city or something, could be a blast!

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I think the problem is they’ve become a victim of their own success.

  1. They’re set for life with the money maker GTA Online is.

  2. The expectations with any new GTA title are so astronomical that a single misstep could ruin it all. Imagine having a sub game, with another studio developing it. They try new things that don’t work, or it doesn’t have the gloss the games are known for and all that reputation is at risk.

Sadly with these companies driven by money it is often safer to not rock the boat. CD Projekt for example were flying high after Witcher. Their share price was at an all time high in the run up to Cyberpunk release. We all know what happened there, and the share price plummeted by over 60% and is still not recovered to anything near where it was. And fans have much lower expectations in upcoming titles as a result of this release.

Similar story with Bethesda following Starfield. A studio that could do no wrong, despite them being famous for bugs. But Starfield was just a bit underwhelming story wise and game play and you can see the general sentiment around Bethesda change as a result.

Obviously the money is the big driver, but I think we as fans have to take some responsibility as well. We build up so much hype and demand perfection every single time. We expect devs to create bigger and better games every time, and want to see new things or we just call it boring. Yet we jump of every tiny misstep, with review bombing and social media outrage. If we want to see more of what we enjoy we have to be more accepting of the occasional dud without jumping onto our entitlement high horses.

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YES! I wish they would do this. Kinda like the Stories games, just some mid-budget games that come out every few years while we wait

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Aw I remember first playing the original Gta when I was about 10! The amount of times id get caught by my mum playing it downstairs in thr middle of the night 🤣

My favourite one of the franchise is deffinetly San Andreas. They found there 3d groove and ran with it, such a great game.

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But its official birthday is on November 28, 1997. The game's birthday is always counted from its initial release date, regardless of region or platform.

Af for the topic, imo the best is GTA London 1969, still vanilla but with better cars and kewl radio :)

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GTAIV will be my favourite. It was the first one I ever really owned and beat.

I loved Liberty City, I loved Niko's story, and the single player DLC that came out afterwards. To me it is peak GTA and how the series should strive to be like

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Starts to chant "GTA, GTA, GTA, GTA"


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