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How do you find a balance between independent exhibitors and corporate/ brand exhibitors when it comes to space?

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I'd be interested to hear this as well. Big exhibitors are great to anchor the event, but I feel like lots of smaller ones give events a cool texture.

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What are you doing for those who have been having a hard time due to the recent layoffs.

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That's a tough question but unfortunately one that's likely to come up again. It's so hard for a lot of people right now, and it's heart warming to see dev networks rally in times of crisis.

This is something I'm personally interested in, so I have a question independent of my role on the Just About team. How do you think the wider games industry, including events, journalism, and online platforms can better support people going through this?

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Hey Mike, my recent post has some info if you're interested?

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Have you considered hosting a segment similar to Devcom, featuring speakers or roundtables 'from developers to developers, or for the curious'?

Such an event could offer valuable insights, where industry leaders and experienced professionals like game designers, producers, and audio engineers share their knowledge, discuss future challenges, and talk about adapting to innovations. It would be a fantastic opportunity for learning and collaboration within the gaming community.

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Dev talks are one of my favourite parts of gaming shows, though I can't say I always understand what they're on about! It's great to hear someone so knowledgeable and passionate about a subject just open up about it 😁

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What facilities will be available for creators? Last year DeadGoodMedia had a quiet area that they had with you for creators to meet and have a quiet space

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That's cool. I imagine it can get pretty intense.

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I'm planning on going there as hybrid press/creator/media company, so I definitely want to know what facilities or services there will be to sit down and do interviews with devs, or connect/network with devs to talk about how we could potentially collaborate. Will there be some way for devs or easily reach us or vice-versa?

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Will Just About have their own area this year? If not, why not? xD


How do you feel about a ticketing system to get your place in the queue for a game. Especially if that could be booked in advance so you're able to plan out your day to see the games that matter most without as much of the queuing or rushing between booths to try and grab a spot.


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