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I enjoy interviewing cosplayers, particularly newcomers who often cite professional cosplayers as their inspiration. These veterans not only set industry benchmarks but also pioneer innovative crafting techniques. Many, like tpg_art, generously share their knowledge and skills with their followers.

That's amazing 😃 I love hybrid cosplay, as it really shows off the cos player's personality and influences.

I don't really follow the cosplay scene enough to know specific cosplayer but I would love to see cosplays of cult of the lamb. I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

Here are a few examples of versions of the cosplay. I especially enjoy it when someone puts their spin on it, like this creator using manga inspiration.


Wow a full blown mask and hoofs!


The legs in this one are so cool! But you get the idea. I'd love to see lots of cult of the lambs and I'll be taking all the selfies with them if there are any (providing they agree :D ).


They're all great, but I love the mana-inspired cosplay here! 😁

I'd love to see all cosplayers there, i havent had the privilege of being able to see in any person so would be amazing to see who i can

There is a cosplay heaven coming soon, so mark your calendar Home (mcmcomiccon.com)

That's fair! Are there any you enjoy on socials? For this bounty we're looking for specific cosplayers you'd love to see at a show 😊

For me, it's a list

Call Of Duty Anime World Of Warcraft

These cosplayers and the ones I follow online and of course the ones I see at MGM every year, are nothing short of amazing and people always put a lot of effort into their outfits and costumes, I have SOOOOO many cosplay pics on my hard drive from all the conventions I have been to.

Warcraft cosplay always blows my mind! Are there any specific cosplayers from those communities you follow? This bounty is all about the individual cosplayers (or a small groups!) you'd love to see at a show.

I would love to see @Ronnieaintavamp. He does amazing cosplays for Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, and he is a lovely person.


That is the best prop! 😊🐶

Robin Yardley AKA King Tide his cosplays of Aqua Man are so cool and it would be amazing to see him turn up as the king of Atlantis and amaze everyone their the amount of detail that goes into his costume is remarkable along with the trident the sheer attention to detail is amazing

That's looks so accurate to the film!


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