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its not a comic book but could a picture of my favourite art from the last of us part 2 art book be counted here? :P i guess it's not a comic but some really good art is in that!

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This is a great idea for an 'art of video games' bounty that we can run on JAVG! I'll schedule it soon, but just comic book art on this bounty, please :-)

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Do I need to take a picture of the printed comic or a digital version? Or can I share a photo of a related art object, similar to Marjan's photo in the bounty preview? I have some photo assets from my travels around the world =)

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Just the printed comic for this one, please - we're looking for artwork that's provably in your own collections!

That's awesome about your travel photos, though. I'd love to run a bounty showcasing street art or something, but not sure it would work on any of our current communities... 🤔

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ok, the photo cover confused me, as I have similar 'comic' street art photos

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No! Wev just gone to Portsmouth for a week, I wont get a chance to enter. Oh well, always next time.

Rich would cover art be included in this or is it just panels?

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Good question (I'll update the bounty description); cover art would be fine, the idea is to highlight the talent of artists working in the comic book industry!

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My favourite art in my collection is my most recent. I found these in my local Forbidden Planet.

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Great submission! Would you be able to post it through a connected social media account as per the instructions? This helps us to verify ownership and is a requirement for many bounties calling for original media.

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This is just my personal favourite comic book cover art, I’d love to recreate it with my cosplay one day 🙌

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So here are some of my comic books, I had a trawl through and I think these are the best ones.

Justice League
suicide Squad

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Press the next for the pictures, the first is a video of some of my favourite comic book covers


I have a lot more, but here are some of the best comic book (cover) art that I have.

  • The Flash Year One graphic novel (DC Comics).

  • Suicide Squad Volume 1 (DC Comics New 52).

  • Static Season One (DC Comics Milestone Returns).

  • House of X/Powers of X graphic novel (Marvel Comics Krokoa Era).

  • London Horror Comics #9 (London Horror Comics).

  • Sonic The Hedgehog #9 (IDW Comics).

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Hey Marcus, thanks for this! We've decided to award it because it looks like a deliberately staged and very specific arrangement of comic book covers that fits the brief, so is unlikely to be anyone else's other than your own, but in future please follow the instruction to submit through a social media account connected to your Just About profile when asked. This helps us be more confident that you're the original creator and owner of the media you submit. Thanks!

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Thought I would share something unusual. One of my favourite bands, Within Temptation had a comic series released for the backstory of their The Unforgiving album. I love the cover art but the inside art as well:

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Main character getting poked quite friequently, guess thats my favorite parts of this manga.

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oh man I loved that anime. I always felt a little too young to be watching it and it felt like a hentai when actually it was just quite strong ecchi.

I remember my local library had a massive collection of Love Hina manga in their section as well. Again felt sorta awkward reading through it haha

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yea, its 14 rated, romantic comedy, harem

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This is some pretty epic art done by Scott Kolins in this issue of the Avengers, they have done quite a few comic covers for Marvel but I think this might be one of their better ones that I have seen.


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