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Dare I share the shame of my desk?!

Here's mine. And here's a big long list of everything in it.

  • Starting off with my main PC with a Ryzen 7950X, RTX 4080, and 64GB of RAM

  • A secondary PC underneath for retro games, with a Phenom II X4 940, GTX 295, and 4GB RAM

  • Aorus FV43U monitor.

  • Additional Samsung 40C5800 TV as a secondary display I sometimes use for things like stream chat

  • Audio-Technica AT2020 mic

  • Tonor T90 RGB boom arm

  • Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD audio interface

  • Razer Nommo speakers

  • Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones

  • Two Elgato Key Light Airs

  • Elgato Stream Deck Mini

  • Logitech G502X Plus mouse

  • Logitech G915 GL Clicky keyboard

  • Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Speed Editor editing keyboard

  • LTT LTX-exclusive mouse pad

  • Some of my consoles and systems, including a PS2, Gamecube, Xbox 360, and Wii U, with an OSSC for good measure.

Oh I need to look up that editing keyboard, sounds good (though I was planning to use stream deck for editing when I get one finally)

Very nice indeed, I love the colo scheme with the arm.

I'd like to recommend double-checking anything in the picture.

Don't doxx yourself!

Here is where the magic happens! Cleaned it up lol.

A nice opportunity to share my "Desk Evolution" of the last decade.

I recently downgraded to a single monitor again - with a twist of crouse. I now have one time 3440x1440 instead of two times 1920x1080 pixels to play with

With a Windows tool called Fanzy Zones one can neatly customize and arrange windows and split the screen. Instead of having Discord and OBS on the second screen, I can now have them closer together on the same display. The width of the display comes in super handy when working with timelines!

But the best attribute of such a large screen is probably the +2 on immersion when playing games.

You can see, I'm getting closer to that montage at the bottom. I made that in 2015, I think.

One theme that always sticks is the plant. They are not always in the frame, but always there is at least one close by.

heh nice, I'm not the only one who keeps papers under/near a keyboard =)

I recently heard on the radio that writing with a pen would help to remember things better than typing things on keyboards. Guess that explains why I rarely need to take a look at the shopping list then at the store.

Love the way you've done your submission here, very original and very cool

How often did you use the electic desk, or let me reframe the question.... How often did you stand ?

At work we have them everywhere, but jeah having and using are diffrent subjects.

I got it during the pandemic for my home office. I probably change positions every second day between sitting, standing, and a bar stool height. I feel like standing while typing or editing pictures is quite nice.

But I know exactly what you mean. One of my colleagues got one by the end of last year at work and adjusted its height maybe two times since then. It's nice to have tools, but one has to use them too.

typed from a standing desk

Here is one corner of my home studio, which I share with my Wife. This is my computer desk, behind this is my drawing table with all my art supplies. I use a iMacPro connected to a Wacom CintiqPro 32 which is where most of my art takes shape. This photo was taken a few months ago and I've done some minor upgrades to the system since then, including adding a 14TB Seagate Hard Drive to back up all my art files and board game work.

While this is my professional work space, it also doubles as my computer gaming platform. If I need a PC I can always steal my wife's computer for something :)

My creator's setup

While it may seem a bit old-fashioned to some, is actually quite practical and tailored to my needs. Think of it as my interrogator's ahem creator's toolkit. Although it's fairly compact, don't be fooled, it's not exactly lightweight.

People often wonder why I still carry a notebook and pen when I have access to all sorts of digital recorders. For me, the answer lies in the concept of 'living in the moment'. While my recorder captures the raw facts of an interview, my pen and notebook are there to seize the ideas and sensations that spark in my brain during conversations with interviewees. It's not about capturing just words; it's about recording the essence of the interaction.

Despite the array of gadgets I carry, the true star of my setup is the humble notepad. The rest - are just the bells'n'whistles. They might make life a bit easier or lend a more professional look to my work, but it's the notepad where the real magic happens. It's where thoughts are distilled into stories, where moments are transformed into memories.

I love it, especially the notepad and pen, very old school, i still write everything down in notebooks myself.

Best is the fake grass floor. First i wanted sand but this would get messy really fast. And my love is the Audeze LCD-X... took me hours to choose the right headphones. But these are mine :)

Also what i can highly recommend is a "Buttkicker" which gives you the extra shake.

And holy moly the prices for all this stuff are gonna up so high. When i remember back about my first PC with an CRT display...

And this isn´t a window... its a big ass mirror.

So this is after 19 years of gaming...

And my capture card arrived just in time!

Posting the picture here as well since can't expand the Xitter link

I left it til the last minute but you all inspired me to tidy up my set up to share it!

The artwork is a combo of I Fight Dragons vinyl on the left and some acrylic paint pours my wife did. Please try to ignore the Smashing Pumpkins poster being held up by one corner and a whole bunch of hope! The acoustic is more for show - it was given to me by my drummer when he moved away, I'm a bassist over anything else and I really just needed to get the guitar off it's stand on the floor! Also pictured one furry posterior on top of my PC tower (say hi, Archer!) and one demonic kids toy from the 90s/00s stealing your soul on the left.

Pssst, don´t tell them we cleaned it up. They look all the time like this, trust me.

welcome to the Gamerz WRLD! So this is my main recording setup here , first thing is it’s a standing desk which is a recent addition which I find is fantastic during long hours of script writing or editing to be able to stand up and loosen off you legs and back! Also an added benefit I find it’s far easier to sound animated and get your voice projecting better when standing versus sitting during voice over recordings! So I stand for most of them now and some live streams! Just off shot is my PC which powers everything then we have a 4k dell monitor and a 1440p gaming monitor from LG, so I’ll play the games On the LG with my recording software etc running on the dell next to me, which can be tilted long ways if you have a bunch of chats or something open during a stream which is handy!

Next up is my most recent upgrades which are the Elgato XLR audio setup which has made a huge difference to the audio quality of my voice overs which has been fab.

Up the back right you can see my trusty Elgato key light which is great for shedding some light on me or whatever is in shot when recording or streaming and it all is the Controlled by the nifty lil Elgato Stream Deck! Not to be confused with a STEAMdeck lol

On the wall you can see my awesome GAMERZ WRLD neon sign which my best mate gave me as a gift which just blew my mind which is why it’s right smash infront of me at all times!

for some reason it won’t let me add a second image as the add image button is just stuck on the small spinning loading circle so I will attach the second image below which is of the latest addition to the setup which is the corner desk which I have been using for product shots and the like!

Any questions fire away! Thanks 😎🎮

hers the second image it wouldn’t let me post in the original bounty so this is just to the left of my recording desk, it’s a work in progress but over the next few months all being well I’ll gradually expand and kit out this studio room further! 🤞


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