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Content Creators

genuinely thing I’ve only seen like 4 or 5 of his videos, I enjoyed squid game but I can’t go the hyper fast intense editing, same reason I stopped watching mrwhostheboss, as his videos went from great to a thousand cuts per second mr beast style, usually like to chill while watching youtube and that style hurts my head lol talented guy tho, really like jimmy and love listening to his podcast interviews and stuff

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Yeh, I love his podcast stuff when he is full-on "no holds barred" with those and is just completely himself, did you watch his documentary on his life?

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One of his videos auto played on me once and it started with him just suddenly screaming in my face. His energy and I are not super compatible.

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

That's fine, he's not for everyone, he is quite loud lol.

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After that being the first MrBeast video I watched (in parts), I think I was correct in assuming that I'm not the target audience.

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Hey, respect for being honest. Although he does have another channel where he does charity stuff etc.


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