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I did what I called a “Decibel Challenge” while playing The Mortuary Assistant on my channel. I put up the OBS decibel meter as an asset on the video and cranked my mic up super sensitive so I basically could only speak VERY calmly without peaking it. Each peak was a “point” and the goal was to get through with as few peaks as possible.

After I published it I found out people do “no scream challenges,” but they seem a little disingenuous, like they are saving up their big streamer-bait scream. So I maintain “decibel challenge” is for us horror creators with integrity lol.

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So my new content when I get time is going to be this.

It is going to be two videos a week following the exploits of an Eve Online assassin through storytelling on a video, using images to set the scene of where the assassin is and what he is doing. As you know I have a bit of a flair for storytelling so, I am hoping it will go down well.

It will be him working alone, being betrayed, constantly in danger etc. But using the images to have the readers "see" is the best word I can come up with, be a mix of Eve Online images and sci-fi random images etc.


I’ve been working on “Gorilla Tag VR” content.

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Creator's Kitchen

The idea I have, which I'm sure someone might have thought of already, revolves around what I'd call "Creator's Kitchen". In this format, we would dissect successful content from another creator and analyze each element separately. The goal is to synthesize a formula for success. While "fail videos" or critical reviews can be popular, they often feel negative. Instead, 'Creator's Kitchen' focuses solely on positive aspects, trying to understand what makes content work and exploring ways to adapt and improve these elements for our own creations. In today's world, where platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram make content creation accessible to almost anyone, understanding the "recipe" for successful content becomes increasingly valuable. This concept would not only highlight positive aspects but also encourage a culture of constructive learning and improvement in content creation.

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I'm pretty sure if most people had a huge groundbreaking new idea for a format in their niche, they'd probably keep it to themselves.

But still, one idea I certainly had that I want to do is a travel series that intertwines tech into it, exploring the world and the weird tech used there at the same time. I always loved shows like Top Gear and the Anthony Bourdain shows, so I'd love to essentially do these long, hour+ adventures that show off other parts of the world in less obvious ways. That kind of super-long format tech content is already rare, so that's certainly one way to help make it a bit more mainstream.

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For context I recently caught up with a retired colleague that now does voluntary work. One of the things he does for a voluntary organisation is what he described as essentially taking a lonely old man to the pub for a pint and a chat. It sounded like such a valuable service to people living on their own, don't have family around and are lonely.

Now you might laugh at this or think it's a terrible idea but I propose a format of just simply "Life stories in the pub with a pint". This would basically be similar in a way to above, go into a pub, find the senior people sitting on their own with a pint, ask if they don't mind you joining them, and then have an informal chat asking about their life and experiences.

Obviously it would need to be done with a certain sensitivity and responsibility of care so as not to be exploitative, with full approval and understanding of what it is for before actually recording. However I just think it would be quite fascinating hearing the stories that come out of it and also quite a relaxing cosy experience to watch and listen to, however mundane it might end up being. As long as a duty of care and respect is observed then I think it would also be really rewarding to the person doing the talking as well, having viewers interested in their life experience.

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My idea is a content which I'm actually planning to introduce hopefully later this year. There are many creators offering special content, early access for their subscribers, what I'm planning to do is a personal mentoring session for my community.

The ingame mentoring system in FFXIV is not the greatest, there are incredible selfish mentors who are not helping newbies at all or are teaching them bad behaviour. And there are also newbies who don't listen, no matter how nicely and patiently you try to help them. Because of this it's kind of accepted that "mentors are the worst" and people often don't dare to approach mentors, and even in duties where you specifically sign up as mentor, ready to help people there is no time really given for you, to explain things.

I want to offer my community personal sessions where we can jump on a discord voice call and I can go into a duty with them, explain the mechanics, give advise on how to play best with the job they have chosen. These can be as simple as teaching a brand new player how to tank or heal in the first dungeon, or it could be teaching someone in their first ever high-end content.

It's sort of what I already do when leading the 48 man raids with explanations and guides provided both written and visual on our discord and in the voice chat during the run, but I think this could be well extended into other content as well. There are so many newbies who are scared to tank or heal because there is no one to hold their hand during those first few steps.


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