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Okay… as a neurodivergent who has worked for decades on masking and therefore being highly tuned to human nuance as a survival technique, I can sense AI voices and am immediately turned off. Doesn’t matter what the content genre or how much I would likely agree or connect with your message, an AI voice disconnects me like a dog in the 90’s running past your console and yanking out your controller.

So THIS? Eff this.

Impressive as a programming feat, but this as content is trash.


I actually couldn’t have summed up my thoughts better than you did there - “this as content is trash.” 👌

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I don’t know what could possibly drive someone to consume that stuff. Kids with their parents’ phone, I guess? IDK dude, all I know is I’ll even bin off a cute puppy video if I sense an AI voiceover lol

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I understand the various perspectives on this, and it's likely that this technology could become a primary income source for popular streamers, enabling them to 'broadcast' around the clock.

However, I prefer to view it from a more positive angle, as a technology offering opportunities to those who currently feel limited. For individuals who might face challenges with live appearances or speaking (like stuttering, social anxiety or poor language knowledge), AI avatars provide a creative and empowering solution.

This tech isn't just about streaming 24/7, it's about inclusivity and giving a voice to those who might otherwise remain unheard.

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I think this is the optimistic way to look at it, as the technology improves it'll give a voice to those who currently don't or can't have one for whatever reason. But in its current form, presented in this way, it is quite bland and begs the question of why anyone would choose to watch AI Kwebbelkop play Minecraft over the thousands of real people playing it. As a demo/preview of what the technology could one day be capable of though... it's impressive (scary?) stuff.

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The market will ultimately decide the fate of such technology. Remember the skepticism a few years back about why anyone would watch others play games, particularly f2p ones? Now, an entire industry thrives on that concept: few playing, many watching.

Time will show


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