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While the question likely refers to social virality, I work in a slightly different media space. Nevertheless, identifying and leveraging trends is a crucial part of my job. When fighting for positions in search engine results, it's essential to craft quality, relevant content quickly - ideally before anyone else, especially if your outlet isn't the biggest.

To achieve this, you need to understand how and when people search for information. A recent example is the launch of the TV show Fallout. When I first heard about the release date, I set a reminder to start working on related content two months prior. I predicted that the show's airing would spark a resurgence in interest for all games in the Fallout franchise. Nostalgic gamers and curious newcomers alike would seek out information.

I updated old articles and created new ones to cater to this renewed interest, with titles like "10 Best Things to Do in Fallout 2," "Hidden Endings in Fallout 4," and "How to Powerlevel in Fallout Shelter." My prediction was correct, and this strategy resulted in a significant spike in organic traffic.

Additionally, trends can sometimes emerge from simple Reddit discussions, rants, or scandals that turn into major talking points. While some of these may fizzle out, others can trigger widespread interest, positioning you as a primary source of information, even for larger media outlets.

Understanding and anticipating these trends allows me to stay ahead and capitalize on new opportunities effectively.

that's actually super interesting

In your strategy do you look at key words for SEO?

thr whole site follows general strategy, called semantic core, if thend is huge, i adapt the core, otherwise i just make a branch.

Best keywords comes from actual experience, or you need to use imagination "how people will ask their question" and then simply answer it.

sometimes you miss, then you either edit the page and adapt, or drop it and move on

The way I use the new trens is make a parody,dance,comedy,and copy some many idea from other platform. the most important is wait the time to launch a videos or centent, because when you launch it at night it's so many insomniacs to reach your content at the morning your content already have many view and like.

I don’t really chase trends too much on my horror channel. I DO however use a lot of trending music/video formats for my pets channel.

Yes, my 3 dogs and 5 cats have their own YouTube channel haha.

It’s a shorts only channel and I don’t actually consume shorts for my own entertainment. So every once in a while I’ll just start scrolling and see what music and what formats are popping up and getting views.

Then I have to somehow translate the trend into applying to animals which is a lot of fun.

One of my dogs is VERY athletic and my other two are… not. So lately I’ve been doing comparison videos in the style of the “normal dogs vs. huskies” kind of videos using a viral sound that goes along with those shorts.

This isn’t the channel I have verified with JA, but technically that’s not required for the bounty, so here’s an example of me getting in on that trend.

Since my content is very niche, even within the FFXIV space, whenever I tried to look at trends they just didn't resonate with the type of content I wanted to make. So I only look at them to get information, see what others are doing and try to make my content different, to stand out.

For example many people use the phrase now on thumbnails and in video description "Don't do this" or "I wish I've known this when I started" And you have to look through at least 5 minutes of the video to figure out what they actually want to say. As a player I don't like these type of videos, if I'm looking for information about a job I'm playing or a fight I struggle with, I don't want to watch through 30 mins of footage to find it.

So one of the plans of my channel which I started to prepare for Dawntrail is to provide new players with easy and quick tips for general gameplay, all that information which people hide behind "Don't do this" videos, and someone who is looking for guides on for example how to heal in a dungeon won't find otherwise, because they won't click on these vague video titles.

Well, as a Content creator we always facing fast-paced new trend everyday. including that i doing right now. Gaming.

To understand the market itself, i always do proper research first before make content with some tools like hashtag finder, or try to explore new idea from other big CC...its not direct copying but we can apply a huge interest data to our content itself.

try to use new trendy vids / photos template, new music (but careful with Copyright), or try to play some new games that are trending right now...its about how we do the execution and the momentum itself

Nowadays I'm not much of a content creator and after watching a YT I love and respect (above) I tend to not focus my contents on the current trends. Content creation should really be about what you're passionate about and from my online stint as a writer - it is really difficult to fake enthusiasm. This is why I dropped out of video games last generation because there wasn't anything that was exciting me.

However I do think that it is smart to sign up for new social media accounts and try to keep the same username across the board for searchability and SEO. It's your brand and you should try to keep it as easy to find as possible.

Even if you don't know how to use a new social media - I think having a presence on there is very important for those vital migration time points such as moving from MySpace to Facebook

I've recently started doing this by watching youtube shorts, and training it to show me content from games I want to make shorts of. Generally this means I tend to get a lot of the trending/popular sounds now for Fortnite for example. I've noticed that if you use trending sounds, then your video will get a lot more views v swipe away and audience retention time.

A great example of this is a recent Fortnite short I uploaded that while isn't actually a very interesting video..., because I used a sound currently popular for Fortnite clips that loads of people are using, it was my most successful so far! 8 new subs (doubled my sub numbers lol), 102 likes and 11.4k views. It hasn't been killed yet like shorts usually are and it's getting a trickle of around 100 views a day now after the first few pushes. So there is a small chance it gets another push at some point.

I did an A B test on a now deleted version, and with a different sound it got a below 50% view rate. So making your shorts fit in with current trending sounds (and the trend related to the video but with a certain games spin on it)can give you a big boost to your views stats.

(the below has dropped, it was at 98% for a 31 seconds video before it got pushed to a wider audience)

I uploaded the same short to instagram and tiktok (but couldn't use the same sound) where it was dropped after 200 views and had a watch time of 4-6 seconds.

(FYI you generally need to get 70% or more really for it to get out of the 500-15k views zone and much higher AVD than this depending on length, but I'm improving )

For me personally, I don't do trends, but that is mostly due to my content.

If you take Eve Online, there are no exact trends in terms of content, even on the meme front, even when new content comes, it's very difficult to jump on specific concepts that are trending within the community itself, so it's very much, produce what the community needs.

If you then look at Minecraft, the same concept applies, memes are more of a "forums" thing and since I don't really do forums, I mainly again produce tutorials for Minecraft and "let's play" so, it's not really something that is trending.

This being said when I post videos from Eve Online on TikTok, I do look at trending songs to help with view counts so I suppose you could say I use "trending" music or sounds there, but as a whole, not really because it doesn't fit into the concept of what my content actually is.


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