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Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma
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This is Will, he woke up on the back of a cart to a bearded man watching him ans his hands tied. Wasn't long after that dragons showed up!

Dispite his smoldering expression, Will is a nature loving wizard. Brought up in the forests he uses his magic to protect creatures and people from harm but is not against attacking if pushed.

His main motivation aligns with his view on nature as he feels inorder to protect the wild creatures he needs to step up and do what must be done.

If I choose to go all in with the roleplay I will make a point of trying to avoid fights with animals as much as possible or trying to use status effects to slow them enough for my party to escape.

Hopefully the pawns will adopt this tactic and do the same when faced with hostile animals.

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Big fan of a nature-loving wizard! Love the backstory and the ink 🤘

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I went with this. Looks like the sort of character you might find in a fantasy tv series or film, so happy with that.

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Introducing Sturmer M. Bison, the stalwart defender of his village

Since his early teens, Sturmer has stood out, towering over his peers both in stature and in spirit. He assumed the role of the village's protector, a responsibility he took to heart, especially since he lost his own family in a bandit raid at the tender age of five.

Sturmer's life took a dramatic turn when a colossal beast, shrouded in infernal flames, descended from the skies to ravage his village. In that moment of crisis, it was Sturmer who stood firm, shield in hand, ready to defend his home and people. His unwavering faith was a wellspring of strength, but even that proved insufficient against the overwhelming might of the oppressor. After several beast's vicious claw strikes, our hero fell, succumbing to unconsciousness and being enveloped by darkness.

As we step into 'Dragon's Dogma 2', Sturmer's journey is far from over. His motivations are clear: to protect, to avenge, and to rise again. How will he fare in this new chapter of his life? Only time will tell.

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This is Barry. He was actually here to interview for an office job but due to a hilarious mixup at reception, he’s been accidentally thrown into the world of Dragon’s Dogma. Barry’s going with it though, assuming this is just part of the interview process.


This is Keith.

Keith used to be a successful businessman, owning a chain of elixir shops but sadly took the divorce of his wife of 8 years a bit hard.

She took his money, his house and the kids and left him with just the pants he wears today.

He remains a formidable mage but his physical attributes have taken a serious hit with his sedentary lifestyle and love of mead.

He has decided to go travelling to Vermund in order to re-evaluate his life goals and 'find himself' again. Little did he know the travel agent were not entirely legit and he now finds himself stranded in the kingdom, surrounded by monsters and surely certain death...


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