Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

In short: EVERYTHING. The original Dragon's Dogma became one of my favourite games of all time after I'd randomly played the demo of it back when demo discs were a thing (RIP) and I got hooked on said demo. The way the game played, the controls, the mechanics, the music, what little of the story we got from the demo... it all got me hooked that when it finally came out, I seeked out a copy as quickly as I could (I was still in secondary school at this time so having money saved up was... difficult) and once I finally owned it, I played it religiously. It was the game that I'd leave school during study periods to go and play instead of actually studying (don't tell my old teachers!) and it'd be the game that'd keep me up late at night on weekends. The story and quests were so engrossing and the boss fights were the most satisfying in any game- being able to climb your enemy for an advantage at striking its weak points never got dull. Near the endgame there were so many new enemies introduced that you had to figure out how to defeat in order to progress and they all posed their own unique challenge which I loved trying to solve. Then the Dark Arisen expansion gave us a whole new area to explore with even more new enemies so I had that same excitement all over again. I'd explore every inch of the map, collect every item I could find and do every single quest because everything was just so engaging and devilishly moreish that I couldn't put the game down until it was done.

Then I had all of those same feelings come back with the PS4 remaster and I specifically recall doing 8 full playthroughs during the pandemic because 1. I LOVE the game that much and wanted the juicy Platinum and 2. What else was I going to do with all that spare time? I am SO ready for whatever Dragon's Dogma 2 has in store.

This is a fab testimonial; it's got me even more excited for the sequel. After all the amazing reviews that dropped today, I can't imagine how you must be feeling!

#1 for me in 'Dragon's Dogma' was the innovative combat system that allowed players to physically climb and attack large monsters. This feature added a thrilling and dynamic layer to battles, setting the game apart in the RPG genre.

I love fantasy RPGs and after playing ALOT of skyrim and oblivion, I was looking for a new fix.

When I first played DD the change in combat was what got me. Iv seen it in videos and screen shots but getting hands on is another thing when mid fight you are clambering up a monster and going right for the head! Brilliant.

Sadly the game had so many bugs that I never actually finished playing it back in the PS3 days. What I do remember from playing though is despite some technical issues and crashes while playing, the boss battles in this game were pretty wild.

It's big open world was probably one of the best for its time. In prep for DD2, I've watched some gameplay videos of the combat and battles recently and had forgotten how chaotic it all got at times. But I think that was part of the charm and Capcom were doing something quite different with this game that made it stand out.

If some of these drawbacks have been ironed out for the sequel then it's to be an absolute blast!


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