Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma
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Mine came out with this. I did think about going with mage but I still think the magical archer is better as you get to do magic stuff as well as have a bow and arrow...

Quiz result - MAGE

You are relaxed and have a kind heart.

The Mage vocation is a great match.

By keeping a thoughtful eye on the battlefield and making full use of recovery magick and support enchantments,

you will keep the fight within your control.

Of course, you can always use attack magick to target a monster's weak points, as well.

Wielding a staff, the Mage offers support to their party in various ways: from launching magick attacks, offering enchantments that bolster their party members’ weapons, to casting healing spells. The more advanced and powerful the magick is, the longer the incantation time will be. As a Mage, you will experience the strategic excitement of deftly executing your magick abilities.

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You are aggressive, but also have a honed sense of balance. The Fighter vocation will suit you well. With your shield and one-handed sword, perform various offensive and defensive actions to adapt to the situation. Use your shield wisely, and you may create an opening to turn the tide of battle.


I like their marketing approach, so many activities before the actual release is a good sign of their confidence in the final product!

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I'm pretty happy with this. It looks like a cool class with some awesome abilities.


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