Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma
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I'm hoping for a game that's more combat heavy and more action packed rather than the standard rpg of lots of running around doing simple fetch quests and actively avoiding combat for an easier time or to avoid less than perfect combat controls. One of the things they have said is that fast travel in most games exists to take the boredom out of those long traversals from A to B and for this game they want the world to be interesting and engaging on those journeys. I think that means lots of combat along the way.

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How are you finding this aspect of it so far? It made me a little nervous, I'll be honest - I also inferred "lots of combat along the way" from that, and I always find it a bit annoying to get interrupted by nuisance enemies when I'm just trying to get from A to B. It was amazing how quickly Skyrim's random dragon attacks went from epic to irritating.

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We shall see. I've barely played it really, just been messing about in all the settings mostly and also trying to get video recording working so I don't miss out on any bounties. Nvidia overlay recording/replays don't seem to work for some reason and just stop recording the second I switch it on for this game. So I've had to install and figure out how to use this OBS software everyone else uses. It's times like these I wish I had a console and could just press play and use all the built in console OS features!

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I'm hoping for a reconsideration of the pawn permadeath feature.

While I may not have all the details on this mechanic, and I do understand the developers' intent to encourage players to value their companions more, I worry it might have the opposite effect. If pawns can permanently die, players might become reluctant to grow attached to them, potentially treating these characters more as disposable assets rather than valued companions in their journey.


Big boss fights, deep crafting mechanics to bolster the arsenal and an engaging open world that isn't just pointless collectibles!

The game needs to nail the combat system to stand out from other similar action RPGs and really make it a classic. I found the first pretty chaotic so hopefully the polish and refinements in the sequel will help with that!

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Im hoping for a huge world to explore and get lost in, engaging characters and big monsters to clamber up and stab.


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