Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma
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IGN shared a great article a little while ago that talks about this.

From what I can tell you don't need to play the original, but it does give context.

Players should be fine jumping in to DD2 and have a great time. At least I hope so, because I'm downloading it now and I'm brand new to the series! 😄

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please come back after you’ve played for a while and feedback. I’m managing to hold off on purchasing for now.

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I didn't play DD1 but as far as I can tell DD2 is completely standalone. Hell, in the game itself it acts like a reboot, omitting the 2 from the title screen

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DD1 is about 30-35hours and arond 90-120 for 100%

DD2 reported to be about the same, so 24-30 hours long BTW. It's not 100%, it's just reaching final quest. Like many other games, if you go to collect all hidden items and achievements it will be way over 100h.

But you can also take a low page and wonder around, i played for 8h and just entered capital city in a rookie clothes lol

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Im 10 hours in. Did not play the original. It's basically a completely separate game from what I can tell or like a remake of the first one.


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