Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

I actually did this without realising there was a "proper" way. I got to the big capital city and started a quest, but was woefully under prepared for being out in the wild and ended up loading from my last inn visit and ferrystoning out of there. It made for a pretty fun evening though and I met an NPC that I think altered how another quest went for me

I didn't know there was a riverbed cave, I just waited for a cart to want to go through and they opened the gate and I ran through. Suffice to say I had to run froma bunch of guards, but I made it!!! Jumped the proverbial fence to a new country! xD

The ‘First Time’ I entered Battahl I didn’t have any permit and was by accident. At the border there will be a cut scene there the guard stops you. Then I discovered that there is always a carriage which comes up to the gate. I just walked in the carriage and it brought me through the border gates. No mask or permit needed. But as soon as you get out or sometimes half way through guards will start attacking you so just leg it far enough and they will give up. If you do it the first time you will get an achievement as well for ‘entering through illicit means’ 🤣

Im on the way over there via the quest and have the permit. From what I've read there isn't much main quest line left at this point! It's really odd if that's the case as it feels like it's only just getting started! I also did pretty much all side quests I came across as well. I'm level 22.

Sound as though I need to go a lot more free roam like it seems everyone else has been rather than just going where a quest tells me to, or it's going to be over!

I've entered Battahl three different ways beyond the official way, now! I've gone in through the valley next to the check point rest town, I've snuck in via the oxcart, and I went down the east coast of the continent through a series of caves. I think I'm coming up to the point in the game where I'll actually enter it legitimately, but I've had a lot of fun breaking into this country


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