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What a trove of knowledge :D

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It's interesting to see that these curated articles, so far, really are just a collection of the winning submisisons which are not being edited or clipped in any way. I'll need to start adjusting how I respond to the bounties - at the moment I am writing in a style where I am responding to the bounty setter directly, but now I see I need to write to any prospective reader :D

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Hello, hello. That's right. There may be a few bounties where it makes sense to change a little more, but for the most part we're trying to keep them in the authors' own words as much as possible. That's especially true for any storytelling bounties and technical advice bounties. So to maximise your chances of snagging a bounty, it's a good tip to think about the likely target audience of the curated content (beginners, veterans, etc.) then base your submission around that.

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The next digit was an 'eight'. I was feeling rather entrepreneurial after this. I realised I'd need to be rich if I was going to bring my plans to fruition.

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