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Rats - Killable NPCs which carry a bounty payable to the pilot who kills it. Killing rats, or 'ratting', will generally also increase your security status. The bigger the rat's ship and rank, the higher the bounty and sec status increase.

AG - AG, or anti-ganker, is a role taken by some pilots to prevent or deter gankers. This could include bumping gankers on a station, destroying their looter ships, buying kill rights from the ganker's victims and any other tactic which destroys the peace in which a ganker seeks to operate.

"Calm down, miner" - a phrase used in response to any angry recently ganked pilot whether they were mining or not.

Yellow boxed - A reference to the notification on the UI / overview of another pilot locking you. If they aggress, this will change to red. This notification does not appear if the targeting pilot has a passive targeter module fitted on their ship.

Instadock - A bookmark on a station that you warp to rather than warping direct to the station itself.

Instaundock - A bookmark to warp to in line with the undock part of the station. Helps to reduce the amount of time on the undock where you could be subjected to unwanted attention.

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More brilliant suggestions, thanks MacGybo

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These 7 will 100% make you friends in EVE...

You're welcome! o7

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I would say that o7 in particular is unique to Eve. I haven't seen it used anywhere else.....

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Daytripper: A pilot that does not live in Wormhole space, but ventures into wormholes casually in search of profits

Drone Bunny: Player that fleet members assist drones to. Their job is to direct said drones to the enemy.

Anchor: designated pilot that all other fleet members keep at range or approach. Useful in fleet maneuvers where coordination is key, such as nano fleets.

Sexboat: The Victoriuex Luxury Yacht - Limited Edition Cruiser - Holds 30 exotic dancers or 451 if you pack them REALLY TIGHT - Term coined on Twitch

Carebear: Risk averse player - Typically lives in Hisec

Nullbear: Risk averse player, just lives in Nullsec - Most commonly seen warping away from a Haven when a neut enters system

Neut - Slang for "Neutral Pilot" - "+1 Neut in system, guess I better dock"

Neut - Short for Energy Neutralizer "The pilgrim is Neuting me"

MacGybo forgot to mention "Mining Permit" - protection fee paid to a local power to not be ganked while mining. Does not transfer to other local powers. Does not grant anything other than a promise and hope

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Went down a bit of a rabbit hole. Tried my best to classify as noun/adjective/verb etc. but I'm an engineer, not a wordsmith XD

Bubble (Noun): A warp disruption sphere that prevents ships inside from warping. Can either be anchored in space as a deployable structure, launched by Interdictors, or emitted from a Heavy Interdiction Cruiser.

Wubble (Noun): A Stasis Webification Probe that can be launched by Interdictors. Lowers the maximum velocity of ships in its area of effect.

Drag Bubble (Noun): A warp disruption sphere typically placed behind and within 500km of a gate. Ships warping to said gate will instead be dragged to the edge of the bubble.

Stop Bubble (Noun): A warp disruption sphere typically placed in front of and within 500km of a gate. Ships warping to said gate will instead be stopped short, landing at the edge of the bubble.

Delay Bubble (Noun): A tactic whereby an interdictor delays launching their interdiction sphere until a target decloaks after entering system through a gate. The intent is to cause the target to avoid deploying their own countermeasures such as nullifiers.

Nullifier (Noun): Interdiction Nullifier, a module that temporarily cancels the effects of warp disruption spheres.

Instalock (Verb): Having a high enough scan resolution to lock a target in under 2 seconds. A ship that can align to warp in less than two seconds is safe from instalocking ships.

Ultralock (Verb): Being able to lock targets in under 1 second. This technique requires high scan resolution, low ping, and high server priority. A ship that can align to warp in under one second is safe from ultralockers, though only a select few ships can do this with the right fitting.

Instawarp (Verb): The ability to align to warp in under two seconds.

Bling (Adjective): Rarer modules with improved stats and a pricetag to match.

Prop Mod (Noun): Propulsion modules such as Afterburners, Microwarpdrives, Micro Jump Drives.

AB (Noun): Afterburner. Imparts a velocity bonus to a ship

MWD (Noun): Microwarpdrive. Imparts a large velocity bonus to a ship, at the expense of reduced capacitor and increased signature radius.

MJD (Noun): Micro Jump Drive. A module that jumps the ship forward 100km in the direction it is facing.

Boosh (Noun/Adjective): Micro Jump Field Generator. A module unique to command destroyers, it can jump up to 25 player's subcapital ships 100km in the direction the ship is facing.

Overprop (Adjective): Using larger afterburners or microwarpdrives than a given ship is designed for.

Dualprop (Noun/Adjective): Fitting different types of propulsion modules to the same ship. I.e. an afterburner and microwarpdrive.

Dualrep (Noun/Adjective): Fitting two repair modules to the same ship.

Roam(Noun/Adjective): Travelling through space with the aim of finding pvp content.

Web (Noun/Adjective): Stasis Webifier. An offensive module that can reduce a target's maximum velocity.

Longweb (Noun): A stasis webifier fitted to certain ships that give bonuses to the range of stasis webifiers.

Point (Noun): Denotes the use of a Warp Disruptor on a target. A Warp Disruptor gives one point of warp scramble strength, potentially preventing a target from warping.

Scram (Noun): Warp Scrambler. A Warp Scrambler has a shorter range than a Warp Disruptor, but has a warp scramble strength of at least two, potentially preventing a target from warping. It also shuts off a target's microwarpdrive if they have one in use.

Longpoint (Noun): A warp disruptor fitted to certain ships that give bonuses to the range of warp disruptors.

HP (Noun): Hitpoints, the health of a ship before resistances are taken into account.

EHP (Noun): Effective Hitpoints. The health of a ship after resistances are taken into account.

Armour Tank (Adjective): Fitting a ship with high armour defenses, either active or buffer.

Shield Tank (Adjective): Fitting a ship with high shield defenses, either active, passive, or buffer.

Active Tank (Adjective): The process of using modules that require activation in order to "heal" a ship, such as Shield Boosters or Armour Repairers.

Passive Shield Tank (Adjective): The process of using a ship's natural shield recharge in order to tank incoming damage.

Buffer Tank (Adjective): Fitting a ship with high hit points, at the expense of any repair modules.

Brick Tank (Adjective): A form of buffer tank, specifically having high structure hitpoints instead of shield or armour.

RR (Verb): Remote Repair/Remote Reps. Using a Remote Shield Booster or Remote Armour Repairer to heal allies.


I hope you get a dollar for each one of these if you win... damn son. Was about to just give one defination, then I saw this beast of a post.


I'm not seeing anyone put a definition to Jedi Huffing so I'll give it a try.

Jedi Huffing - The act of extracting high value gas from a J-Space site with enemy NPCs on grid. To put it briefly, the Prospect and in some cases the Venture are capable of avoiding the NPCs that normally force miners to leave until destroyed by combat craft. The idea is you are "at peace" with them like a Jedi, but it is simply speedtanking the NPCs so that you may harvest freely.

J-Space - Another name for star systems accessible only by wormholes. Each of these system's name begins with the letter "J" followed by a series of numbers, hence the moniker "J-Space"

Speedtanking - Otherwise known as "Sig Tanking" or "Signature Tanking", it is a method of avoiding incoming enemy fire with a combination of high speed, low signature radius, and high transversal/angular velocity from the enemy ships.

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Bitter Vet (Noun): A person that has either optimized the fun out of the game for them self or made decisions that have led them to burnout. Having lost the "new/exciting" feeling for EVE, typically hangs out in places like r/eve with others that no longer play, lamenting how EVE was more fun in the game state closer to when they started. Generally unaware that they themselves removed the fun of the game, not CCP (though exceptions do exist).

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Chipper Vet (Noun):A Person who still enjoys the game after many years, and is optimistic about both the future of the game and the developers. They face ridicule and scorn everywhere because of the miasma perpetuated by the bitter vet.

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Here’s a couple key words of triglavian syntax I can translate for anyone looking to come to pochven.Sobornost - Intentional Community Poshlost - What you intentionally don’t want in your community, yucky, bad Glorification - Ascendance through Proving along the Flow Of Vyraj Mortification - The opposite of that, functionally. Infinite loserdom.

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Intel - Post System & Player which have bad or Neutral Standing & possible ship Type into specific Chat channel

NV - "No Visual" on the Pilot via Intel Chat.

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  • BLOPS - Short for Black Ops Battleships, a special type of battleship in the Tech 2 category specialized in covert and smuggling operations having the bality to open Covert Ops Portal Generators for any ship able of fitting a Covert Ops Cloaking device thanks to its integrated jump drive.

  • Cyno - Short for Cynosural Field Generator, is a module that allows the item or ship activating it to work as a beacon to which capital ships and black ops can jump to.

  • Krab - Usually perceived as a despective or informal way to describe a player doing certain activities for ISK such as ratting or mining.

  • HK - Stands for Hunter Killer, usually the name given to a hunter for a black ops party.

  • Hotdrop - The act of destroying ships with the use of a cynosural field generator to land damage dealing ships on top of it.

  • Killmail - Is the term used to refer to a kill report. (Post the kill report = Post the Killmail)

  • HAC - Stands for Heavy Assault Cruiser a special category of Tech 2 cruisers with the hability to fit Assault Damage Controls characterized by their hability to deal and receive significant amounts of damage in comparison to their Tech 1 variants.

  • HIC - Stands for Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, a special category of Tech 2 cruisers with the hability to fit a Warp Disruption Field Generator wich has the unique hability to disable Micro Jump Drives, deploy a "bubble" that moves with the HIC that disrupts a ship's hability to enter warp and has enough points of scram to hold any Super Capital ship.

  • Kiter - A player/ship specialized in keeping it's distance from its target to mitigate damage while at the same time applying damage at long ranges.

  • Brawler - A player/ship specialized in dealing damage and holding a target at short ranges, these ships tend to have a lot of tank in order to resist an equally or superior amount of damage.

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We were only expecting one per person, so some of you have really gone above and beyond for this. It looks like we're going to have the world's most extensive EVE glossary before we know it.


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