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I feel like this has been an answer looking for a question, but hopefully third time's a charm! (have deleted the submission on the previous 2 Epiphany bounties)

I’m hoping the Deathless bring us a new pirate line of ships. A cross between Minmatar and Caldari with bonus to ECM, perhaps even allowing jammers to operate the way they used to before the nerf (previously, getting jammed would prevent you from locking any other ship. These days, you can lock only the ship jamming you).

I believe CCP will want to build upon the successes of Pochven, so the mysterious new Jove gates may take us to a previously undiscovered region controlled by the Deathless. While there is an argument to be made against expanding the number of available systems in order to prevent any further dilution to player density, it could be done in such a way as to make the new region a hotbed of PVP and content.

CCP have shown their desire to force players into closer areas bringing increased interactions. Think Observatory Flashpoints being lucrative and yet limited to only 3 sites at a time. Or the new Faction Warfare frontline mechanics condensing players into a handful of systems.

I expect if we do get a new region, it will showcase CCP’s latest iteration of high risk, high reward content that drives conflict. I would also not be surprised if the new systems were within jump range of the Dronelands, but perhaps that is asking for too much. Time will tell!

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This was the bounty I was thinking of for your entry. I'm glad your answer found it's question.

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Hopefully more Jovian friends. 4 gates, leading to 4 gates, making a chaos star. Jovian remnants from the first tyrant Two jovian subraces, statics and modifiers Hopefully these are our Modifier Friends who aren't being piloted by The Others.

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I think that behind these stargates will be a small amount of Jovian space for players to explore, much like Pochven.

In this new enviroment, there may be new sites, new NPC groups, and hopefully new ships. With the addition of a new pirate faction, the new ships may be very likely!

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Cross-posting the second part of my post from the speculate on the origins of Epiphany's data fragments and the identity of the Deathless bounty

I am really hoping that these gates will lead to a whole new region - but a significantly smaller region to create proximity and greater chances / likelihood for engagements / contact.

Personally, it would be an interesting mechanic to include some 'bonuses’ for being present and undocked in this region - double SP, multipliers to boosters, and so on - rewards for ratting / missioning in this area could be doubled for example - to try to invite people to undock and play the risk / reward game more.

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I imagine that we'll see a new Jove space area which will have new NPCs and new resources which will be used to build new types of ships. It would be similar to Trig space (Pochven) and the Trig ships.

We won't see a local chat. We will have Jovian standings which will impact on our ability to interact with the gates / stations there. We will probably have wormholes which lead there too.

Maybe new agents?

But it needs something else. It can't just be a new Pochven. I can't wait to find out what that is.....


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