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The steps are rather easy:

  1. First, they have to be able to see the obvious irony of the corp description. A small gang-focused corporation is obviously not actually a mining outlet.

  2. They have to be able to click on a discord link, read, and understand the basic instructions of the provided form, and fill it out. (You would be surprised how many fail even that)

  3. Then it depends on their answers. It's about small gang pvp and fitting theory. People need to have a decent grasp of what makes a good composition of ships. If that baseline can't be met, there will be annoying situations.

  4. If answers are decent, you invite them to roam with you for an evening and see how they fulfill their role. Do they get lost all the time? Do they know what to do on grid?

  5. Recruits who pass will be invited to join on a trial base for some weeks/months, eventually becoming full members.

Someone vouching for you can of course help - depending on the reputation of the person the vouch is coming from!

The small gang community is indeed somewhat small badum-tss. People and corporations tend to know each other. It's probably not as hard to build oneself a reputation by simply being active compared to the bigger null blocs.

One thing is for certain when you join fun Inc / even better with friends there is no trial by fire!

as the fleets we run are npsi (not purple shoot it) applicants will have flown with us often extensively so the Corp and it's people are well known to the apllicants.

it's a win-win situation for the candidate and also the corp as there are no nasty surprises.

the culture itself is pretty chilled out and we are all about fun - no BS no politics no drama - & in the time that we've been a corporation we have only had one instance of a "prickly personality" and because of this we have an incredibly High retention rate for Pilots

generally once people join they stay and they do not leave the corporation

now this could be because we have an open recruitment policy which is driven by the NPSI roams that we run that our retention rate and also successful recruitment is down to this but also to the rules which if we have in place - the principal one being having fun!

For the record...

FUN inc [EBWF] Code of Conduct - is applicable in game & on discord, and is enforced on all EBWF events and comms.

You agree to abide by this code which is simple and intended to make for a friendly inclusive atmosphere for all to enjoy the game: Be respectful of others.

● GF's in local - psyops is allowed, but by the FC only - be classy about interactions in local (think PG-13). ● Don't be a jerk. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, misogyny, or other offensive behaviour will not be tolerated - act respectfully towards members at all times - Any form of hateful language or bigotry towards, race, sex, religion, orientation, or anything else will not be tolerated. ● Note that others determine what is offensive, not you, so something like "I was just kidding" does not absolve you. ● A good rule of thumb is that if you know anyone (child, parent, partner, religious leader) who would be offended by your behaviour, don't do it. ● If a FUN inc member a tells you not to do something - do not do it -this is non-negotiable. ● Our Corp is based on community and respect - if you can't respect one or other of these, then please leave. ● Noone is free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle anyone within the community, and it does not matter what title or power you hold, you are expected to obey this rule. ● Treat other users kindly when participating in the discussion channels. ● Just because a rule is not listed here doesn't mean that you're free to do it

We reserve the right to ● Delete messages or inappropriate content ● Warn, kick, mute or ban ● "I didn't know this rule" isn't a valid excuse.

The clue is in the name... FUN INC... EVEN BETTER WITH FRIENDS!

Talking aka conversation. If the feeling is well and our API check didn´t found something concerning. If not there is little bit more of conversation. and then their is a trail phase.

Also if you want to eat sushi you woulnd´t go to a pasta resturant. Did we talk about vitamin B yet?

Ask the most stupid and off the chain questions.

Ask them which is the best empire in eve.

Ask what they want from eve.

And see if they can understand the amarr ramblings of our german CEO.

If all is yes then it's a good fit in our books

Example Interview:

Ask them which is the best empire in eve. Recruit: YES Ask what they want from eve. Recruit: YES

Claps on the roof of orca, ducktape and rust keeps this together. Be gentle with her. Ah and here is the Free Beer! You get one daily and don´t forget it. Welcome to our Corp.

Basically yes lol

And add a question about going into their mom or back onto their dad and you're all set 😆

I was about to ask for an example of one of those off the chain questions. Now I see what you mean...

The requirements for a good corp mate for the corps I've been in has actually been quite straightforward.

  • Don't be a jerk.

I've never fully embraced the corps / alliances that treat Eve as a job, or it's players as a foot-soldier. For me, it's been about a drama-free place for like-minded folk to hang out and have some great Eve experiences today.

Such corps tend to be self-policing. Everyone deserves a chance and folk who don't fit in are found out pretty quickly and move on. There's certain behaviours which will never be tolerated though. Any form of bigotry is a nope. I've always welcomed spies too. It means more in-game content.

This approach won't work for all corps but for the ones I've been in, it's always led to a pretty good group of players.

I like this approach very much, and I'm glad to hear it works.

Stay Frosty was founded in May 2013 as a casual solo and small gang pirate organization dedicated to old-school PvP and the advocacy of the same through major player run events like our annual Frigate Free For All. In that spirit, I adapted the Pirate Code that KaJolo had adapted from other pirates - all the way back to Lord Zapp and the M0o Corporation which was the very first pirate group in New Eden. It has continue to evolve and mature over the past decade.

Our Code has been used by CCP to help determine community response to harassment and other player issues. It can be found here.

For over a decade now we've lived by this Code and a simple premise - if you have the passion to become a pirate and the skills needed to do so - then you are welcome to join. This "sink-or-swim" mentality has served us well over the years. While many pilots have stayed with us for our entire history, or for years at a time, many more have moved on to become leaders and exceptional pilots all across New Eden. And we take a great deal of pride at their accomplishments. And the standards they help set wherever they go and under whomever's flag they fly.

New players either thrive as part of our group or they do not. We are not a teaching institution, but we are willing to teach if you are willing to learn. We are not here to give out isk or free ships, but there are always those who will help if you need help. Piracy is a cauldron - and if you can survive and thrive within that cauldron - then you have what it takes to fly with us. And Yarrr among the Stars. (Oh, I like that, I just made that up.)


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