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Evermarks are a cool concept . With the ability to get the corp and alliance logos and ship makes it fun to fly around with our flags hanging! Sometimes the little personal touch can totally brighten up your screen! I think there should be a way to convert isk or plex to evermarks ?

One of CCP's stated goals is to not involve real money with EverMarks. One reason to avoid P2W claims, even if it is just cosmetic.

They're generally meant as another form of currency, awarded to folks for active gameplay. Can be a bit difficult for folks though that don't get to log in daily, but EverMarks are meant as a carrot for folks to do so, to help inflate EVE's log in numbers, which is a language metric investors understand #tinfoilhatcommentary

I personnally dont care for them. Just feels like another useless currency that holds no real value other then cosmetic.

Early on they where added to the daily login rewards (not sure if they still are) which just padded the frequency of actual useful items.

Curently I have no use for them and most of my daily drivers dont have emblems yet anyway.

Their existence doesnt effect me, but id rather have other useful gameplay freatures then that system being expanded more.

This is a common fallacy. Wishing one thing didn't exist because it came at the cost of another specific thing that I do want.

There is nothing wrong with not valuing interacting with EverMarks. I'm in a similar boat, they aren't a priority to me. But for those that do spend a considerable time looking at their ships, I understand the desire to get more. And I don't begrudge them having a system to play dress up with their ships, pretending that it came at the cost of something else I do want.

It's an understandable misconception, so didn't intend to come off like dumping on the thought. Just wanted to provide some clarity :)

At the development level is does come at cost, meaning if they spend more time on cosmetic features over meaningful gameplay additions then those of us that dont care about cosmetics lose out in the end.

Its minor but its happening all over the game indusry. The proiority for looks over stability/engaging content.

My understanding is that they are a carrot on a stick, to inflate log in numbers via daily tasks awarded for active gameplay, in general. This is meant to give investors something they understand to look at in metric form, daily unique log ins.

I don't get to spend much time looking at my ships, but if I did, I'd personally value the cosmetic elements more.

Personal want, police drone skins <3

Evermarks started out as great when all they could do was put an alliance logo on your ship. Then skins for citadels came along and we all went 'oooooooh'. And we can share / donate them, so their worth increased.

With skinr coming to ships, evermarks again increase in value. The potential is amazing. I love them.

I absolutely love the concept. Where it falls down to me is the lack of corp logo customisation. If the corp logo creator was better, or if custom corp logos could be used, this would be golden. In addition to this this misses the mark for NPSI groups who would love for skins / emblems to be made public / licensed to those who want to fly the flag for their favourite NPSI group!

Just imagine, a fleet of raptors with go fast stripes, bells and whistles (and horns), with stripey or hexagonal textures on the wings would look totally awesome and would be a totally awesome way for the community to support the NPSI groups that they love.

I am an advocate of giving the NPSI groups the ability to design and create their own skins (like corps will soon be able to do), but to then license them for people to use.

This would allow each NPSI group to charge an arbitrary license fee to use the skin at all times during this license period – say something like 20million per skin.

Currently the vast majority of NPSI groups are funded via loot, and donations. Creating a static form of income via skin license could help each group focus on content creation rather than grind in order to fund SRP.

This could also be linked to the “corp projects”, but set it up as something like “community projects”.

Conceptually, they're great! A player completes menial daily tasks to get a currency to buy things with.

In practice however, they suck harder than a brand new shop vac. There are only so many people who care about "pinkstars" and only so many ships that you actually would like to pimp out with an alliance or corporation logo.

It reaches a point where the players are already satisfied and the evermark rewards mean absolutely nothing. This means that daily login rewards and the Galnet crate from Twitch Drops are bloated with something that means nothing.

I know that there was an announcement at fanfest about them and I hope that when these changes occur that Evermarks will actually be something to look forward to getting, instead of being the most disappointing reward you can get.

Oh, those Evermarks!

How can you not be sweet on 'em, eh? They're like our little space bling-bling, the currency that makes us as unique and charming as a lumberjack in a tuxedo. They're our way of saying, "Hey, I'm part of the gang, and I'm dam proud of it, don't ya know." Whether they're splashed across our ships or plastered on our structures, these Evermarks let us strut our stuff in style, eh?

And hold onto your toques, because with the Eve Havoc expansion droppin' on November 14th, trading these beauties will be easier than scoring a double-double at Tim Hortons, eh? We've been dreamin' of slappin' our alliance and corporation logos on our ships for a dog's age, and now we can, and then some!

So, in anutshell: I've got a soft spot for those Evermarks 😉

Evermarks are a great concept for the game but their introduction and what you can spend them on is lacking. The ability to add a little personilisation to your ship should be a little more customizable in my opinion. To move where the logos are, even if it's just picking from a few pre-determined spots, would add a little more to the idea.

I think Evermarks are a good idea. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with new non cash shop currency. This has been tried in EVE before with tags, a few items that LP shops take, and Analysis Kredits. Even though those failed due to the content they were attached to being forgotten about, it adds some fun complexity to the game. As it is, the LP systems have numerous different types but it results in some fun trading mechanics, and LP conversion.

Evermarks seem to take a different approach as most of the ways to use it can't be directly converted to ISK with other players. I like this closed economy more as EVE at the very least approaches the old definition of pay to win and it is easy to convert real cash to in-game advantage whereas Evermarks seem to reflect in-game effort more.

I can't look into my Magic Crystal Ball and determine the new things CCP will come up with to find new ways for people to spend EverMarks on. I do hope CCP adds group content for earning EverMarks. That could be special Homefront Operation rewards or some new ISK sink that can only be completed by a group of people. Overall, I hope they just continue to iterate on this mechanic until it reaches maturity.

It's certainly an interesting concept, an additional way to personalize your ships and structures, and it allows you to showcase your corporation's and/or alliance's logo. The customization of structures was something many players were asking for, and I think it met part of the community's expectations. It offers a wide variety of colors, and although somewhat limited, it lends itself to creating interesting combinations.

Now, I'd like to contribute my two cents (or tritanium?) to improve it even further:

If the idea is to allow corporations and alliances to personalize and highlight themselves, why not make use of some of the spaces on the stations and allow us to add their logos through evemarks? This would be a way to promote the idea of heraldry.

Add an option to renew your SKINR license so that you don't have to redesign the stations again. Simply renew it with a click for an equal period of time.

And lastly, perhaps the craziest idea, why not allow industrialists to create their "brand" and use evemarks to imprint it on capital and supercapital ships? This might be very complex to implement, I don't know. I truly don't know the feasibility of something like this, but it would undoubtedly be something that would excite the most passionate industrialists.

A great idea overall, but it should be leveraged more to ensure that players truly want to use and acquire evemarks.


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