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EVE Online

Pochven War - "Timer Hell" - Pro Triglavian Alliance (Kybernauts Clade + ITC + Stribog & friends) VS EM/Lumen/Friends & Random Null Bloc's who joined in.

Azbel Hull Timer, the most important citadel in New Eden as it cannot be replaced, and would define the end or survival of Pochven industry. It got down to 1% hull remaining after Defence fleets were wiped several times voer and resorted to their remainign Ratting/PvE ships to continue defending & with a handful of remainign Typhoons EM threw them at the Azbel in a last ditch effort to throw all damage onto the Azbel as the defenders rushed to clear them and get them away from the Azbel.

2nd Picture just a related meme I made of the event

I've always loved this shot of our Drek conga line shooting a structure in WH space.

was this with voidl? I think I was there if it was XD

I honestly don't remember. It might have been. Sadly I saved the image without any context.

When someone brings up any war in the Eve-context I remember this snippet of conversation:

FC, we are losing carriers!

Yes. I can see that.

And I still have the screenshot of the moment these words were spoken:


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