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Life can be tough for Eve's industrialists. Join Sir David Attenborough as he explores the lives and exposes the perils of ice miners.


Two thoughts, one conclusion:

Thought one: This is glorious.

Thought two: It does need to be newly created for this bounty, and it needs to be a bare minimum of five minutes (longer docs are likely to perform better for this bounty).

Conclusion: You could absolutely take this idea, expand on it, and add some cinematographic flare. I suspect the result would be one heck of bounty submission.

Great video, but it's not quite what we're looking for here. The topic is a great choice, but we're hoping for something a bit more stylised. I've updated the bounty description to make this clearer. Here's the extra info:

"A standard YouTube video won't do for this bounty, it needs to be stylised like a traditional documentary; think David Attenborough, Carl Sagan, Michael Moore, or Werner Herzog. For non-roleplayed documentaries, imagine the style that you'd find on a TV or Netflix documentary. For roleplayed documentaries, imagine something you'd find broadcast in Gallente's more upmarket entertainment complexes. 

"Think of the features that traditional documentaries have: a gripping introduction, reporting, tone-appropriate narration, fading-to-black at the end with an update on what happened next. Perhaps you want to include some cutaways or interviews."

When I saw this bounty I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I've been wanting to create this video for a very long time and never had the excuse I needed to make it happen. So this is based on one of the most popular posts ever on Eveoganda and I hope you all enjoy it.



Give us a couple of hours. We loved Svipul, and you haven't been forgotten 😊

No worries Alex, I knew this was an older bounty and figured it might have fallen off the radar.


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