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I love a sightseeing tour, you can expect to see some updates from Wadd as he travels the cosmos following in the footsteps of, and visiting monuments to his idols

Awesome! It's time to arrange some gate camps and wait for visitors =)

This bounty may have had unforeseen consequences... but I'm glad we're providing you with some cannon fodder for killmail of the week.

I was tempted... until I saw all those 0/less than 0 sec systems and I remember I'm an alpha. Too much effort and I don't find it fun to feed free kills to people.

You don't necessarily need to visit the null-sec systems to be in with a chance of winning.

That is to say, if someone produces a fantastic travel journal but visits fewer destinations, we may still choose to prioritise them for a prize.

I'd say it's still worth having a shot if you were tempted to take part.


However, I still feel like I have limited chances as I have to rely on the "IC commentary" part to boost my entry, which can only go so far. 😅

I love this - i may try to do this! :)

Alex Sinclair

The journal must be made by the same pilot flying the ship, correct? So Journal by Miyoshi AND Miyoshi in the game pilot.

It's not possible to make a fictional character for the journal that is disconnected to the character doing the flying, correct?

What about an alt? Just my words that "yes it's my alt"?

Hey AlexGoesTheWorld! If you'd prefer to write your journal from the perspective of a character that isn't your main, that's absolutely fine with us. The important thing is that the journey is told from the perspective of a fictional character, but we don't mind who that fictional character is. I'm glad we have you tempted!

Okay, that opens... some possibilities and themes I could explore.

Due to past choices, my main (Miyoshi Akachi) is rather limited, if not outright excluded, from things, so I prefer the freedom of building characters as I need instead of relying on my main.

Awesome. Well I hope you give it a shot, as I'm looking forward to reading your journal

I very much enjoyed the event, going system to system and capturing screenshots of the various places; it very much reminded me of the Grand Prix that I sorely missed last year. Going to each location that Katia Sae had recommended was great seeing the game through her eyes, albeit a much much shorter journey! Like Katia Sae, I also managed to complete this without losing a ship; I nearly died a few times to NPC’s but that was mostly down to my stupidity and over estimating them.

I also added a roleplaying story element to spice things up and make it a little bit more interesting :D

I would highly recommend anyone to do this event and I very much look forward to seeing everyones else’s journey pictures.

Thanks again to Katia Sae and the JustAbout team o7

Cpt Armarlio


Amazing work! I haven't read through your journal yet, but congratulations on being our first member to finish the journey!

Cpt Armarlio - now I've made time to read through this properly, I have to commend you again. I love it... the roleplay, the screenshots, the two poems, the integration of JA into the narrative, what looks like the creation and destruction of alts for storytelling purposes. Truly excellent. Well done!

Absolutely love the Grand Tour poem. Well done overall, really enjoyed reading your RP story, very creative way to incorporate the tour. - Katia Sae

I like the more aggressive approach on this one. 👍

Ares with 2367 EHP.... that's very brave I must say, kudos! Say no to Google Docs, drop it somewhere in a Reddit or here at JA!



Given that I probably wasn’t going to visit all stops, I knew I had to play on the presentation.

I toyed with a few different ideas but I particularly liked the organized tour one because it would let me build incrementally: I could do the HS systems as one small tour and have an entry ready, then add LS systems with another small tour and so on.

I knew I wanted to build more than a simple diary, so I decided to add a bit of context by creating the New Eden Voyages, a Sawa Lab Company, with its logo and its product offering.

As I thought on how to implement the overall idea, it downed on me I could… go a little further than simple text: I could build a website. If I have a company, I could build a website with its offering and what better testimonial than the diary of someone who had taken the products?!

The result is above.

What do you think?

Now I must admit I teared up a little reviewing your website, the way you broke up the story from two different points of view with the guide and the passenger. What a great way to engage the reader. Great presentation format, love reading it, and looking forward to the rest. - Katia Sae

Thank you! I'm very glad to hear so 🙇💙

On the rest... I'm not sure I have... the spirit, the energy, to wander through NS. I tried to get to the Delve and I died to a smartbomber and I haven't felt that well about the episode. Half of me is tempted to try, especially since they are places I never have been before, my other half is like "I'm not gonna feed more shuttles to anyone anywhere anytime" xD

Redoubt is probably truly out of my league as I don't think I'm strong enough to wander through WH space in search of one system xD

Here's a tip for everyone... you don't have to wander wormhole space to find it. ;) Just look for R259 signatures in high sec. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Drifters#Drifters_Wormhole_Systems

and you can't stop now! I want to read the rest! <3

That is an excellent concept, well done sir

Thank you and thank you for pointing out that I could visit only a subset of those stops, thing I might have slightly overlooked in one of my low days. 🙇

Miyoshi, this is a phenomenal effort! I haven't dug around properly yet, but what I've seen is truly brilliant! I salute you!

Thank you Alex, happy to hear so! 🙇😊

Oh, I like the fancy website. I tried to do something like this myself but I couldn't work it out.

Here I am with an update: I added the Maximum Thrill Experience. I also added the Host's profiles to each Experience.

What a journey… I went… further out than I ever went. Scared shit to get caught, all encounters (the Loki, the fleet on the gate, the Muninns, the bubbles) are all real encounters I had as I made my way through NS.

Thank you Katia for pushing me in the right way that tad little forward.

On the Extreme Thrill, only the Redoubt stop is missing… but the hunt is on.

On the Hosts addition, I thought about using the same host for all Experiences but then… the different Experiences touches different topics (Empire History, NS Capsuleer history, Wormhole space) so why not have 3 different hosts? And then, why not give them a face, add to immersion?

Sorry for the late reply! Fantastic to hear, I must go read now. <3

Np. In the end, I added the Extreme Thrill experience with the wormholes as well, albeit I couldn't get to Redoubt. ^^

AlexGoesTheWorld So I finally gave this the attention it deserved (winners decision coming soon), and I'll repeat with confidence what I first suspected: This. Is. Phenomenal!

P.S. The 'extreme thrills' tour is still showing as 'Soon TM' for me.

Thank you, makes me very happy to hear so 😊💙

Now the Extreme Thrill should work correctly: I committed it locally but didn't push it to Github.

The Redoubt stop has text but no picture as I couldn't get there.

A couple of tips for everyone: Redoubt Drifter wormhole can be found by looking for R259 signatures in high sec.


For Thera, you can use our EvE-Scout Connections site for the closet one to your location. You don't even have to scan down the sig, just check our in game channel EvE-Scout for bookmarks for the entrances. EvE-Scout Hub Connections

Fine flying, my friend! You've got some great screenshots in there, and I see you have Katia's seal of approval!

Great tour and I really liked the preparation, a fine example of the statement 'Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business' hehe

May I ask, why not Loki?

Great question. The answer lies in the sub-systems.

While all T3 Cruisers get an Interdiction Nullifier subsystem, this is not required to fit one. It just adds a bonus to the module's cooldown and fitting penalties.

The Loki has a dedicated subsystem for on-grid speed called Intercalated Nanofibers, but none that combines agility & warp velocity like the Proteus has. With the Proteus, you get the best setup for warp speed + align times. The 7.5% per skill level makes quite the difference.

(The third subsystem just increases speed with propulsion modules)

So yes: You could get a similar warp speed on the Loki by fitting the Interdiction Nullifier subsystem, but you then leave the 5% agility bonus on the table. A realistic align time will then likely be around 4 seconds instead of well under 3.

You can push the whole topic even further with a Nomad set, but I doubt you can get below 2s, even with the Proteus.

Fantastic! More catching up to do, heading to your site, well done.

Part 1


Battle of Iyen-Oursta Monument, Sinq Laison, Iyen-Oursta, Gallente fun.inc.ebwf on X: "First stop on @Katia_Sae grand tour! <3 https://t.co/fVjHJxUwhn" / X (twitter.com)

Katia Sae Monument, The Forge, Saisio, Caldari fun.inc.ebwf on X: "second stop done! you can just see @Katia_Sae astero right next to me. I was sporting my DHL colours! :D https://t.co/YfWcXSNRI9" / X (twitter.com)

EVE Travel Agency, Genesis, Mozzidit, Genesis fun.inc.ebwf on X: "sorted out my itinerary at the EVE Travel Agency @Katia_Sae :) https://t.co/zpZHrhaVKf" / X (twitter.com)

The Monolith, Dead End, Genesis fun.inc.ebwf on X: "darn rats nearly zapped me at The Monolith @Katia_Sae \o/ https://t.co/fnkidzwKob" / X (twitter.com)

EVE Gate, Genesis, New Eden, Genesis fun.inc.ebwf on X: "Loved seeing this - 20 years in game - first time here I think! https://t.co/8JjpmuUP8y" / X (twitter.com)

Fallen Capsuleers Memorial, Khanid, Molea, Amarr fun.inc.ebwf on X: "took a moment to pay my respects. <3 https://t.co/6YFLSqRx1e" / X (twitter.com)

Chribba Monument, Domain, Amarr fun.inc.ebwf on X: "popped into Amarr to say hi to @chribba on @Katia_Sae grand tour! <3 https://t.co/byVhEdhY1Y" / X (twitter.com)

Old Man Darieux’s Stargate, Essence, Old Man Star, Gallentefun.inc.ebwf on X: "Old Man Darieux’s Stargate, Essence, Old Man Star https://t.co/QMJDK1yp8R" / X (twitter.com)

Project Discovery Phase One Monument, Metropolis, Lanngisi, Minmatar fun.inc.ebwf on X: "Project Discovery Phase One Monument https://t.co/cFQ4LHH1lb" / X (twitter.com)

Part 2


True Creations Pool of Radiance Research Lab, Stain, 6QBH-S fun.inc.ebwf on X: "so gorgeous! <3 True Creations Pool of Radiance Research Lab, Stain, 6QBH-S https://t.co/iDzcrMkm5D" / X (twitter.com)

hostiles engaging at the Steve Memorial, Esoteria, C9N-CC fun.inc.ebwf on X: "hostiles engaging at the Steve Memorial, Esoteria, C9N-CC https://t.co/aBuBCLA7wM" / X (twitter.com)

tip of the hat at the M2-XFE Monument, Delve, M2-XFE fun.inc.ebwf on X: "tip of the hat at the M2-XFE Monument, Delve, M2-XFE https://t.co/5xXP46VDip" / X (twitter.com)

pew pew wrecks at Titanomachy, Immensea, B-R5RB! fun.inc.ebwf on X: "pew pew wrecks at Titanomachy, Immensea, B-R5RB! https://t.co/gmEx70GqS6" / X (twitter.com)

even more wrecks at Titanomachy, Immensea, B-R5RB! fun.inc.ebwf on X: "even more wrecks at Titanomachy, Immensea, B-R5RB! https://t.co/JDEacktrnR" / X (twitter.com)

I took in a history lesson on war in C-J6MT in Insmother. The tea was pretty good. I died shortly after ... fun.inc.ebwf on X: "I took in a history lesson on war in C-J6MT in Insmother. The tea was pretty good. I died shortly after mind... https://t.co/2X1otV3iSk" / X (twitter.com)

To be continued...

Nice work. Some great shots in there!

I've not written anything yet, but i did plug JA on my stream when i was doing the grand tour! - the above took me about an hour if memory serves me correctly - i may try to get the nullsec ones done this evening! :)

Thank you for the plug 🫶

no problem - hopefully some members land!

Beautiful shots, love it. Thanks so much for taking part!


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