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Our thanks to Swagger Olacar for suggesting this deliciously EVE-ish topic on its second suggest-a-bounty bounty! We're looking forward to reading all your tales of vengeance 😈

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Corporation: Evil Monkey Asylum Target: Jachero

Reason: See below.

During Evil Monkey Asylums' second year as a corporation, our assets had grown considerably. We now had an Athanor/Astrahouse in low-sec Prism, and an Engineering complex in the high-sec system next door.

Our blueprint collection had grown as DemongateUK was running the corporations industry in high sec whilst myself, Rabbit Daring and Celestial were running the PvP side in low sec. Our blueprint value was in the billions, and I mean before the incident, it was valued at 527 Billion ISK.

On one Wednesday I logged in and was immediately dragged into a private convo with my directors, except one, Jachero, now I said immediately "I've told you before, we speak and work as a team or not at all" to which Rabbit said "the blueprints are gone and when I logged in Jachero logged straight out" - I sat thinking for a second and said "right, what I need is time here" and whilst they waited I moved from station to station in low sec and then the Engineering station, brought up corp hangars and looked into his hangar and there they were.

So I said "Right, say nothing, act normal, tonight is level 5 mission night, and he will be in his officer-fit Revelation whilst we bring our normal Thanatos group, so, again say nothing anywhere and act normal" They all agreed and we proceeded to go about our day, I eve flew a fleet with him around 6 pm to pass the time till 9 pm (Eve time).

So around 9pm, we began to jump clone down to Zephan and get kitted up, now I'd spoken to several of the Thanatos pilots and explained what I wanted them to do, my corporation loyalty to me was never in doubt, and Jachero was a director because he'd been with us the longest, over a year and obviously our corporation was the "long con".

Once we kitted/fleeted and undocked, I had three high-speed fit Geddons slam Jachero, into the station on undock, now this was an Amarr station, so if you slam a ship straight up into the undock, it gets flung, especially capitals, very fast, off the station to around 70-100km, as soon as he pinged he said "what the hell" on comms.

I then said to my other players on comms "jump now and go" which was the agreed-upon signal, instantly local was filled with twenty-odd pilots who jumped into Ceptors/Frigates and undocked and were on him, scram/web. I then told the Geddons to "begin" and they instantly started neuting the crap out of him and I then said "We are go" (this may sound dramatic but it was agreed upon phrases to make this happen)

The rest of us (about 8 Thanatos) released fighters and set them on him, slowly moving towards him, as this was going on, he was screaming in comms at us to stop, it was worth billions, why are we doing this to which I said "you have two choices, hand back the blueprints now via contract, or loose that ship worth billions and your pod worth billions, it's up to you"

He then we think, either lost connection, he was in a university dorm, or he rage quitted, either way, he went bang and his pod along with it.

We then removed his roles and waited out his 24-hour time and removed him from the corp the next day.

However, this being said, our story does not end in vengeance, whilst the act was carried out, two weeks later, Rabbit Daring logged in to a contract, in Samanuni, which was a container labelled "I'm sorry" - Our blueprints, all of them where inside. It seem's after she spoke to him, it wasn't a con, he just lost his head at the sheer volume of ISK he could have made and then seemed to think better of it.

So yeah, vengeance with a happy ending. I've sent a Discord message to try and find the guy's Eve Online second name, so I can find the kill, but until then, ta-da!

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Who says crime pays? This is excellent - happy ending and all!

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The Ashes of the Phoenix

I have so many stories, but I'm going to share this one that happened back at the end of 2019. Our home system is Ouelletta and for most of 2019 a small group of other players decided to move into local. They would be active and then vanish for a time, and then repeat the cycle. At first we welcomed the intrusion, always good to have fresh content on your doorstep, but as time went on their presence became more and more annoying.

I think it all started because their leader was getting tired of losing so often. Slowly but surely the 1v1s we had been getting started becoming 1v3s and worse. Baiting, station games, the entire thing was getting out of hand. And the once friendly conversations in local became ice cold silences.

Our intel provided notice that they had been spotted moving a few carriers and a Dread into station. And sure enough it wasn't long before fights would escalate to them undocking a Phoenix on our much smaller ships. It was then that I hatched a plan. It was time to move to a more active role and set-up revenge for what they had done to our home system.

So over the course of a few weeks I slowly started escalating things myself by frequently undocking a Carrier of my own. Until they would undock the Phoenix and then I would quickly dock up, as if frightened. Meanwhile I was in talks with our friends and neighbors to set-up a plan to catch them unaware. And take that Phoenix for our own.

And sure enough the perfect day finally arrived. I had pulled my Archon off the station beyond docking range slowly and surely, as if it had been a mistake on my part. They undocked the Phoenix on me and the trap was sprung. Luckily my corpmate FireSequence was able to catch it all on video.


It takes about 6 minutes for them to make the decision to aggress my Archon with the Phoenix, but as soon as that happens you can see the Proteus and the Sin arrive on scene. And then the cyno pops and an Apostle and a Ragnarok appear. The Phoenix is no match for the Rag's Doomsday and it pops nicely at the end. We also managed to kill their Rattlesnake and a few other ships that day as well.

While this small gang of troublemakers would try to live in our home system time and time again, it was never the same after that. And eventually they moved on to other pastures.

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Just as a bit of a diclaimer, this is retribution, however it was not achived with intent to attack allies, but once it was done I could not feel bad about it.

On a night of May the 7th of this year we received a reinforcement request from Goonwarm Federation since they had a Fraternity Aspostle-class Force Auxiliary tackled, they did not have the means to put cap pressure on it to kill it, so we shipped in our bombers with focused void bombs, we formed as fast as we could in a matter of 5 mins or so, but by the Goons had lost tackle on the Apostle, we relluctantly took the cyno and jumped out bombers to kill as many FRT battleships as we could. IT started fine, we followed broadcast, targets where dying, everything was fine, that was until several fleetmembers started reporting that they where getting killed in their bombers, a quick look at their killmails revealed that is was FRT fighting back to kill the bombers, it was Goonwarm, yes, the same people that begged us to drop in the first place. Out FC quickly explained the situation to the goon FC hoping that he would promply correct the mistake, however either the FC didn't speak up or Goonwarm has never heard of the word discipline before but they continued to shoot down or bombers as they pleased including mine.


In the end I decided that it was not worth stressing about it since expecting more from fleet mainly made of manly F1 monkeys was not worth it.

Fast forward to March 23 we received yet another call from Goonwarm for support as they where about to engage FRT again for content. We shipped into dedicated bombing run Purifiers equiped with electron bombs. We would find the right opportunities to land bombs of FRT's responce fleet as they trying to fight goons.

We took a couple of lucky shots without killing much but dealing enough damage for goonwarm to pick targets with low health. Eventually FRT figured out what we where up to so they got as closed to the goon tengu fleet in they muninns as they could. Goonwarm managed to bring a tackle Harpy fleet (caldari assault frigates) to hold the Pandas in place so the tengu would regain a rage advatange, despit of how close they where to the tengu our FC decides to try another bombing run, we alligned, decloaked, and dropped our load of bombs. After a few seconds I started getting killmails, it had worked! When i checked who was it that i killed i realized we had accidentally taken down several goon harpies xD, I got me 14 killmarks from that one bombing run, I inmediately remembered that time goons had killed y bomber where they called for help, and despite us not trying to get the goon frigates on porpouse, it still kinda felt like karma had strucked them down. Needless to say the goon FC commanding the Frigates was furious wich made it all the more funny. After the dust settled goons would come out to be the winners of the engagement. With that said, sorry goons <3.

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Not all tales of retribution in EVE Online involve spectacular explosions; sometimes, the most impactful strikes are silent, like mine in the cutthroat realm of the market. It's a place where, without firing a single shot, you can wreak havoc on an adversary’s wallet. I'm not a professional trader, just an amateur enjoying a bit of passive income from maintaining a few positions in low-population regions. Then, one day, I noticed a new player undercutting my prices and poaching my clients. After some research, I devised a cunning plan to teach him a lesson.

Firstly, with my alts' help, I located his supply source. He was a classic trader, buying low in a trade hub and selling high in remote regions. I bought out all the low-priced stock of his product in the hub and set a new, slightly higher price. Then, in the remote region, I bought out all the existing stock and inflated the prices dramatically, creating the illusion of a profitable opportunity. He fell for it, buying my stock at the trade hub and hauling it to the distant region, where he tried to undercut my inflated prices.

The result? I sold tens of thousands of filaments to him at about 15% above the average price. He incurred significant trade fees and collateral to adjust his prices. It will take years for him to offload that much product in such a remote system at a profit. I then resumed selling at standard prices, forcing him to either compete at a loss or sit on his expensive stock.

So, beware in the markets of EVE Online; they can be just as hostile as the deadliest combat zones!


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