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No worries! A good question to know and I like the answers people are giving :) It's a good read.

For the past few years, my home has been in Null Sec, and it's not for lack of trying other types of content, but it's the place where I can carry out my activities most comfortably. In my case, industry within the game is what occupies most of my time (both in and out of the game). So, faced with this dilemma, I really saw two options: the first was to look for a Wormhole (WH), establish some stations, and start manufacturing, thus taking advantage of the bonuses for structures and being more efficient when manufacturing. However, maintaining a WH solo is much more complex than my available time allows. Now, in Null Sec, I also have the best bonuses in the game. Large alliances are a perfect place for manufacturing and making contacts to buy/sell materials, items, ships, etc. Additionally, I don't need the logistics as complex as those required in a WH, and with the much higher level of conflict, industrial activity also requires a much higher level of engagement.

For these reasons, I love the place I decided to call home. Mining, industry, and when I want some action, I just need to hop into my ship and wait for some unsuspecting prey, all in the same place. Simply perfect for my current playstyle.


For the past decade my home as been the Low Sec system of Ouelletta in Verge Vendor. It is the primary home of the pirates of Stay Frosty and the A Band Apart alliance, and the site of the last 10 Frigate Free For All Events that we host inside of Eve Online.

Ouelletta is the perfect system for us and it took us a long time to find it. Even though it is only four jumps from the system we were born in, at the time we were living in Ishomilken and looking for a more permanent place to hang our pirate hats. Letta, as we call it, is perfect. It has a high-sec entrance and is 19 jumps from Jita and 9 jumps from Dodixie. The system is a squeeze spot between two major regions of Factional Warfare activity and only a few short jumps to the entrance to Syndicate.

From Letta we can easily access three major "pipelines" to Black Rise, Placid, and other areas in Verge Vendor for content. These regions we refer to as our neighborhood. Tama, Heyd, OMS, Osti, Ren, Oicx, Deven, Sujarento, these are all within easy range of our home system.

Wormhole Space

I found my home recently in Wormhole Space. Unfortunately it is the last one of the big fours. I have traveled through WH space, used the Drifter Highway or sneaked into a relic site. Yes, runned the iconic Drake for some dank blue loot.

Every space has its mechanics but WHs are kind of different. You need to know MASS if you are moving big Fleets through this space. It could happen that you may roll half of your fleet out.

We infilled into other holes, succeeded our OP and went to bed. Later that next day we all got exfilled by the Poch-Express. Fitting a T1 Cloak on a Barghest to easily move it from WH to NS to POCH to HS in less than 20 Minutes.

If you have a small addiction to scanning… this may be your place to be. But be careful you never ever be alone. Even if you local tells you not to worry.

Also you can relatively well determine what your opponent is bringing. You see the holes, the people in the struc and you can set up a plan. Different to other spaces which it is much easier to bring more peeps.

Cyno? No. Jumpbrige? No Ah, they jumpclone in? No You could infill from K-Space by WH chain.. if you have one.

And they told me some people jumped on WH space 3 weeks after they started and never left it. And here i am comming super late to the show.

stay feral! - you guys used to / are still on the NPSI calendar - you should totally start using it again if you do any NPSI roams! Stay Feral - NPSI Community Gateway

Didn´t knew it. I will pick this up again.

No problem! - by all means ding me on discord > "keacte" - you will be able to find me relatively easily!

Looks like we done this as we lived in K-Space.

Yes - it is going back a while now, but the integrations are still there should you guys want to start up running NPSI roams again. Just need an FC to post to the calendar, and it will ping to our website and discord.

I'm parked in High Sec and most of the time docked at Jita 4-4.

Which reasons for such a choice, you might be wondering, but it's rather simple: I don't have another place to be.

Jita 4-4 was chosen for 2 main reasons: first because my main is Caldari and Jita 4-4 is a Cal Navy station, second because it was a trade hub (and an important one). It somewhat came natural, back in the day, to pick it up as base of operation when nothing was/is happening. Something for low moments, became kind of permanent as the low moment stretched forward.


With the introduction of filaments, Thera, Turnur, Jita is the place to be for nomadic / small gang and NPSI roamers. Jita affords you the opportunity to reship, filament, take wormholes and raid into a different region of space every night without the need for staging in a particular region, system, or area of space.

Filaments are fantastic as they allow you to get behind enemy lines with relative ease with a decent sized gang (up to 25 people) and cause havic. We love havoc at FUN INC - it is what we thrive on; and when things get a touch hot, you can always bounce to an ESS grid, await your timers, and go on a bio, regroup and then role another filement to another region of space. They are great. I wish they had hit game sooner.

Thera / Turnur / Wormholes are similar, but without the restrictions (to an extent) and allow you to raid random areas without the need for a staging area. Be warned though, Thera holes are visible to anyone, via the EVE Scout website, so always be prepared as someone may well have the same idea as you, but with greater numbers, and or firepower!


Providence - Sansha Null Sec - This would be my main ISK earning action, doing basic Relic sites as I enjoy the hacking mini game, and it pays well, the best of both worlds!

Caldari High Sec - Densely populated, high interaction rate, the true "end game" of EVE for me. Recently have been doing "Wellness Checks" where I find a Venture pilot, anywhere from 1 day to 10 years old, open a conversation with them, and see where it leads. So far, 1/3 of them are great, positive, wholesome interactions. Some are just learning the game, some are just getting their SP daily done, some are grabbing materials for a blueprint of something they are building.

Others, 2/3rds roughly, are unfortunately Bots or what we refer to as Hateful F*cks! These either are afk, reject the convo, accept and say something rude. Truly the Scum of New Eden. So we do the most rational thing possible, we press F1 and delete (or attempt to ) their ship. Afterward we send them a an in game mail letting them know we have updated their Permanent Record, and invite them to stop by and say hello <3

Interactions are the lifeblood of MMOs and especially in MMOs. Kudos to CCP for being one of the few, if not only place where we cans still interact organically with other players.

NPC Null-Sec

For about 3 years now I've been reciding in the NPC region of Venal, home of the Guristas Pirates, different not normal SOV Holding Null-Sec it has its fair share of perks that me and the alliance I belong (Brotherhood of Spacers) enjoy.

Let's adress the elephant in the room...we can't be evicted from here, in SOV space you have to anchor TCU's, capture them, make sure tha they aren't captured of destroyed plus having to guard your citadels or else you have nowhere to go; in venal however there is no SOV to take, it belongs permanently to the Guristas and if we ever lose our citadels we just move to an NPC station, those can't be destroyed and still have plenty of resources to take advatange from like capital docking, clone bays, LP stores!, and make other things.

In addition, there's plenty of money to be made you just need to know where to look, and thankfully the visitors of Venal know where to find it, want to run a DED? take a scanner out and look system after system, you'll either find one for yourself or another DED runner you can steal it from; want gas? there's plenty of gas in Venal to be harvested, same drill, find it or find someone that know's where it.

Lastly that bring me to the other great thing about NPC space, the adjacency to plenty of targets to hunt for, Venal is adjacent with the region of Tribute, Branch, Tenal, Perringen Falls, and Deklein where alliances like Fraternity, Pnademic Horde and renters live. Most of the kills i showcase on my videos come from these regions. there's not even a need to go to a different regions, between gas harvesters, DED runners, belt ratters and mission runners there is more than enough content to be had. And that's what makes NPC null great.

I live everywhere and nowhere at the same time - I'm a nomad!

I tend to spend less time in high-security space, not because I dislike it, but because I can't light my covert cyno there. Wormholes are more like pathways for me; I don't stay long, just pass through to something else. As a loner, I can't claim or control territory, so I'm always on the move, seeking new space adventures!

Okay so for me personally, it's always been low sec, I love being a -10 Pirate, it was always the best fun in the world, I mostly stuck to Frigate/Destroyer PvP because I like small fast paced content, after spending 9 years as a Band Of Brothers Fleet Commander, commanding capital fleets etc, I prefer the smaller scale operations of 25+ man fleets and fast-paced Frigate Vs Frigate battles and of course, there is no greater joy than landing 25+ T1 fitted frigates on a long-range fitted battleship and watch it slowly die, painfully and the pilot sat there, unable to do anything about it!

Eve is such a small place these days, so having a dedicated "home" is less important to me. I instead have several smaller hubs, with ships stashed away for content relevant to that specific location.

Jita has the bulk of my ships, as I usually filament in and out from here using pochven/needlejacks. From Jita I can reliably reach any corner of Eve with little effort, and being the market hub of Eve makes it just so convenient.

Another hub of mine is Amarr (for when I want to operate in the Empire's south, without risking a shortcut through lowsec from Jita), and similarly Keberz which is one of the southern-most highsec systems. Keberz is also Brave Empire's HQ, so my corpmates are all nearby.

Finally, I have a handful of ships and items in nullsec located in the Imperium's capital, 1DQ. These are mostly assets taking advantage of the Imperium's infrastructure. Blueprints currently being researched, Dreadnaughts for running CRABs etc.

With Eve being so connected these days, be it through Thera, Zarzakh or Pochven, I found setting up a single home is more limiting than beneficial. I prefer to stay mobile, or I risk missing out on opportunities that may just be a few jumps away.

I prefer to explore High Security space with all its gankers, competitors and possibilities. I play most of the time alone, so HS offers a safe place to stop by or try various parts of the game with fairly low risks.


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