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Blaster Bantams

This battle has zero historical or political implications and is noteworthy only because it represents about 20 bored pirates sitting around on comms one day thinking up things to keep themselves amused. And then flying those things in space together and, lo and behold, they actually work.

So we fitted up a bunch of Bantam Logistics Frigates with blasters, mwd, shield extenders and tackle - each one with a single shield rep. Which means we had 20 Logistics on the field at any time. And while it took some time to get everyone used to flying logistics, we had more than a few instances of drones or guns attacking fleet mates - not to mention a few early deaths due to watchlist issues - after about 30 minutes we started to get really good at this.

Luckily we found a Battlefield site in Old Man Star that had just opened and we started hanging around outside. Soon enough we started catching stragglers, or late arrivals, and eventually managed to kill several Drake Navy Issues, a Dominix, and a Megathron Navy Issue. All with a ship that does about 92dps each. lol.

Which just goes to prove my old maxim - "Anything works if you have 20 of them."

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On the basis i done goofed with the weekly killmails bounty, I thought best to post this here!

This was our ShrinkWrapped 300 milestone roam!

The stream starts here >> PVP with FUN inc / Even Better With Friends [EBWF]! Home of Drops are enabled !discord !npsi !zkill !commands - Twitch

Vale fight, starts at ~42mins Fountain fight, starts at ~1hr 50mins 30secs Delve fight, starts at ~2hr 36mins 30secs

ShrinkWrapped roam 300, 25/05/2024


Combat inties & support

13.1BN isk destroyed

• After a lot of hype, and chatter in the run up to the fleet, we formed up 71 bold capsuleers keen for pod goo… and tonight did not disappoint!

• #SW300 undocked with our first stop being Vale.

• VALE: after dunking a couple of ratters, FRT formed up a nice gang - in the initial fight i think we outnumbered them 3:2 DPS wise (or thereabouts), but with them in Harpies (and with a smattering of cruiser logi, and mixed DPS cruisers too) and with us with in Raptors and T2 frig logi, it seemed like a relatively balanced fight.

• it wasnt - FRT didnt work in a coordinated manner, and we capitalised on this fact, and between 1930 until our bio we destroyed 7.5BN isk >

• FOUNTAIN & DELVE: after our bio, we headed out to Fountain & Delve with the sole intent of clapping some nerds! - We entered behind enemy lines, tackling a rorqual (!), & with INIT standing fleet forming up some 75 RL caracals, we certainly had kicked the hornets nest. In the process of expertly evading the INIT standing fleet, we stumbled across a small 10man gang of Thrasher fleets which we murderised in a nice little brawl.

• As we left the B170 pocket we headed to Delve catching a Kronos in bastion on the keepstar which MELTED. - it was pretty satisfying!

• Pushing further in to Delve we tickled some goons nutsacks and they obliged with dropping their go to Redeemer blops fleet (twice) - it was kinda funny wasting their time tbf taking minimal losses.

• As the goons stepped up with Harpies (no dictors), we ran away like Brave Sir Robin murderising a Loki, and 8 Sigils rolling our Thera hole home! - here is the BR: >

• We destroyed ~2.5 pages of kills on zkill!

• Congrats to all the roamers for an awesome roam and party!

• 13.1BN isk destroyed!!

Roam Report

Notable kills:

kills > 250M

Praxis, 420m

Ishtar 288m

Praxis 372m

Drekavac 330m

Legion 1.098BN

Loki 666m

Ishtar 328m

Praxis 276m

Pilgrim 251m

Scimitar 319m

Kronos 2.111BN

Pod 668m

Loki 716m

Brutix Navy Issue 343m


I came across these 3 Oracles bashing a POCO. Since I didn't have my main (Squizz) nearby at the moment I decided to directly engage. I fully expected to explode under their combined DPS. Instead, it turned out to be a boring fight! They never fought back nor reacted in any way...

It was an easy and fun way to make 100m ISK from loot though!

(ignore the Heron, that happened later and is unrelated)

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The Ahbazon Conflict - another 4t ISKs are gone


The battle in Ahbazon on May 3, 2024, stands as one of the most significant engagements in EVE Online's recent history, continuing the conflicts that began several months ago.


In April 2024, a major conflict erupted in Ahbazon, a low-security system crucial for its strategic shortcut between Jita and Amarr. This battle, primarily between the Imperium and Pandafam, saw significant losses and set the stage for the May 3 engagement. The April battle involved notable alliances such as Goonswarm Federation, Brave Collective, Pandemic Horde, and Pandemic Legion, among others.

Battle Overview

Location: Ahbazon 0.4 (Genesis)
Date: May 3, 2024
Time: 01:00 to 04:00 ET
Total ISK Lost: 3.8 trillion
Total Pilots Involved: 4307

Full Battle report link.


  • 01:00 ET: The battle commenced with initial skirmishes around the Goonswarm Fortizar.

  • 01:30 ET: Both fleets, primarily composed of dreadnoughts and support ships, began heavy engagement.

  • 02:00 ET: The Initiative. and Fraternity. launched major offensives.

  • 02:30 ET: The battle reached peak intensity with over 1000 dreadnoughts committed.

  • 03:00 ET: Significant losses on both sides, with the Imperium's defenses starting to falter.

  • 03:30 ET: Pandafam forces managed to breach key defensive lines, targeting the Fortizar.

  • 03:59 ET: The Goonswarm Fortizar was destroyed, marking the end of the primary engagement.

Involved Parties and Fleet Compositions

Team A (Imperium and Allies)

Total Pilots: 1892
ISK Lost: 2.29 trillion
Major Alliances:
    Goonswarm Federation (975 pilots)
    The Initiative. (325 pilots)
    Brave Collective (166 pilots)
    Dracarys. (98 pilots)
    Others including Sigma Grindset, Shadow Ultimatum, Brave United, Tactical Narcotics Team, and Invidia Gloriae Comes

Team B (Pandafam and Allies)

Total Pilots: 2415
ISK Lost: 1.50 trillion
Major Alliances:
    Pandemic Horde (962 pilots)
    Fraternity. (598 pilots)
    Deepwater Hooligans (233 pilots)
    Pandemic Legion (94 pilots)
    Others including Shadow Cartel, Northern Coalition., Solyaris Chtonium, Sedition., and Sylvanas Super Mercenary

Ship Types and Losses

Dreadnoughts - the primary ships involved, with significant losses including:

  • Zirnitras: 202 lost (675.6 billion ISK)

  • Revelation Navy: 84 lost (402.6 billion ISK)

  • Phoenix Navy: 73 lost (354.8 billion ISK)

  • Moros Navy: 22 lost (237.9 billion ISK)

Support Ships: Various classes including command ships, logistics, and strategic cruisers.

Reaction and Community Sentiment

The battle garnered substantial attention on social networks, with threads detailing the conflict and user reactions. Some key points are once again about mixed feelings, with many expressing awe at the scale and intensity of the battle but also frustration over severe lag and Time Dilation (TiDi). Several threads are around the effectiveness of different fleet compositions and strategic decisions were prevalent, with many debating the merits of missile doctrines under heavy TiDi conditions.


The Ahbazon battle on May 3, 2024, represents a significant event in EVE Online's ongoing narrative. The clash between major alliances resulted in massive losses and strategic shifts. I'm pretty sure someone in the CCP Games office did a victory dance, as burning so many trillions of ISK over a 20b Fortizar is a great economic refreshment. We will see how this unfolds in June, as many redditors are saluting with "already replaced," indicating their willingness to continue the fun.

Image credits to No_Syrup_5132

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Wonderfully, now i can exlusivly focus on the GOON side ZIN POV in Heavy TiDi.

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Add energetic zoom-zoom music to make it dramatic!

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As Sturmer covered the bloody details of the battle. I would like to provide you with the POV of Zinatra under heavy TiDi. Yeah, I am not that cruel to not speed it up. But give you a little bit of the experience of how it feels if you are EUTZ.

TiDi has some funny effects, one is which you would delete hundreds here it is a handful. Some battles may need to be fought, but the price you pay for it is high.


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