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This is the moment! to pull out all our crazy blueprints )

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Wish I had more time to work on this. But I might spend more time with it later when I have some free time to dedicate to it. But I'm happy with the general direction and it is a concept piece anyway. Hope you enjoy it.

I'll keep pushing for more "pirate" ships in Eve Online. I still believe that as time goes on more and more groups should have started to customize and adapt technology for their own uses. Us los sec pirates are a crafty bunch and I know we'd eventually figure out how to make our own unique ships.

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This is ominous and awesome. I especially love the ropes and the ghostly sails. If I saw this flying towards me, I have no doubt what I'd do: turn around and fly the other way.

Any thoughts on its bonuses and the pirate faction it would belong to?

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It's funny because when I say "Pirate" I don't mean faction NPC pirates, I mean actual player pirates inside the game - like me and my fellow pirates. I'd love to see some negative sec status locked ships for us. There is a positive sec status ship, The Marshal, whose bonuses are tied into positive sec status - so why not the opposite? I've been advocating for an Anti-Marshal for a long time now.

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which weapon system is it gonna use? Projectiles?

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Based on the Gurista Line of Ships, i tried to stick to their line xD

Gurista "Chelydridae" Guidon

Hull: Battlecruiser Pirate Command Ship

Only the purest of us will ever be able to call the pirates for aid. To burn down everything which was enlighted by their Cyno. If you light this special cyno within jump range of an insurgency the Guristas will respond and come to aid. But if you betray this bound in the past, hell will be let loose. (We know if you done stuff with an ALT in FW... we just know) **Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):**4% bonus to Shield Command and Information Command burst strength and duration 2% Chance to have a NPC Escalation while using the Pirate Emergency Cyno Beaco

Gallente Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level): 10% more NPC spawns while using the Pirate Emergency Cyno Beacon

Caldari Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level): 10% more NPC spawns while using the Pirate Emergency Cyno Beacon 6% bonus to all shield resistances

Role Bonus: Can use Pirate Emergency Cyno Beacon Can use 3 Command Burst modules also apply to Friendly NPC 50% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range

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Great submission Kane! Two quick points:

1) Don't forget to verify images on socials

2) We'll likely only offer the lower-tier prize for this level of image editing. I know a Nighthawk when I see one!

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Can you spot the diffrence? There are 10 spots which are diffrent from the Nighthawk to the Chelydridae?

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Katharsis Sisters of EVE Faction Destroyer

Gallente Destroyer bonuses (per skill level): 5% bonus to Drone hitpoints, tracking, and max velocity

Amarr Destroyer bonuses (per skill level): 10% reduction in Small Energy Turret activation cost 4% bonus to all armor resistances

Role Bonus: 37.5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength

Fitting: 5 High slots - 4 turrets 2 Mid slots 5 Low slots 125m3 drone bay with 40 bandwidth

I intended the hull bonuses/fitting to be a more combat focused, leaving out a hacking bonus, to make this ship more intended to run combat sites/missions/abyssals.

I chose the name "Katharsis" because it means "Purification" in Greek, to go along with the Greek naming convention used for the other SoE ships, while alluding to it's intended role.

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I love it! Great work!

I don't believe I've seen your name around here before, so if you're new - welcome to Just About EVE! We have an intros thread if you want to say 'hi!' (no pressure)

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Another family art weekend! I do not know if that will be visible to CCP Games, but I'm ready to provide more details for slot layouts and other stats, right now it's just a concept.



The collaboration between the engineers of Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) and production specialists from Mordu's Legion Command has led to the creation of a new ship class: the "Aetnaeus." Inspired by the myth of Hephaestus and his forge, the name epitomizes robustness and a fiery hub of activity, making it ideal for a spaceship centered on manufacturing and industrial efforts.

The Aetnaeus boasts a large production core – specialized equipment designed to support production lines accessible to the ship operator, fleet, and corporation members. It also features extensive hangars to store parts and finished products.


At its heart, the ship concept transforms the Medium Assembly Array from POS Structures into a mobile shipyard capable of producing T1 Cruisers, T1 Battlecruisers, T1 Barges, T1 Industrials, ammunition, various ship modules, and drones. Advanced T2 production cores may enable the manufacturing of Subsystems and T2 ships.

Like Cyno generators, capsuleers cannot activate production cores in high-security space. The Aetnaeus primarily caters to wormhole dwellers who embrace a nomadic lifestyle, allowing them to move from system to system and manufacture essential equipment without the need to settle in known space. the production core is active, the Aetnaeus cannot move or warp and remains visible in space, even if the pilot logs out or during downtime, until it either runs out of fuel or is manually disabled. The production cycles last 15 minutes each. If attacked, the Aetnaeus enters a temporary reinforced mode upon reaching its structure hitpoints, making it immune to damage while the production core is active and allowing defenders time to respond. The fuel bay is locked during this mode to prevent an infinite reinforced state, although other ships can still remotely repair its armor and shield.

For defense, the Aetnaeus pilot can deploy a wing of two fighters to patrol the perimeter while the factory operates, enhancing its ability to safeguard its valuable production activities.

This ship also features an escape bay for a Frigate-class vessel. Upon destruction, all currently unused blueprints are automatically transferred to the emergency ship's cargo and launched into space, with or without a pilot.

Ship bonuses

Industrial Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to ship cargo and fleet hangar capacity

  • 5% reduction in fuel consumption for Large Production Core

  • 10% bonus to Fighter hitpoints and damage

  • 150% bonus to Production speed

Role Bonus:

  • Can fit Large Production Core

  • 100% bonus to Fighter hitpoints

  • 400% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal range

  • 90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue

  • Can use two Command Burst modules

  • 200% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range

  • Can launch Light and Support Fighters

  • Can lock at extended ranges

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my small corp would gladly welcomed such ship into our fleet!


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