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Rixx Javix this looks awesome man! But I just want to point out that if you want that top prize I think you'll need to add a Shattered planet to your submission.

I did not realise there were two types of temperate planet!

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Shattered Planet is the entire background of the wallpaper. :)

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To be fair there are actually a few more of these. In fact the Gas planet has several iterations, with rings and without - not to mention a "smooth" and a "banded" variety. For my entry I used the planets mentioned in the entry requirements and decided that since Shattered Planet had not been updated in Equinox - to use it as the background image for the piece.

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Well there are 10 types of planets actually, 2 of them do not have PI UI so you cant cheat =)


Here is 10th as a bonus:

Scorched Barren, located in Turnur, planet 1, worth a visit, but keep looking at camp radar EVE - Check before you jump! (eve-gatecheck.space)

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Here we go, in a series of tweets thanks to Twitter's stupid 4 per post, will post the finished list first and then the actual images.



There we go, hope everyone enjoys the screenshots and the artsy shots!

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Excellent work. It looks like your Twitter account is unlinked though. Can I help? We might not be able to award it otherwise.

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I thought it was, i just linked it but its not saying original, is that because the post is already done?

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If it's successfully linked, it should show with the 'original' banners regardless. I recommend checking your linked account settings, and if it's saying it's successfully connected, tag me, and I'll get someone from our tech team to investigate :)

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I've just checked in with tech, and it is isn't showing because it was linked after the post was made. So I can confirm it's all eligible for a prize. Cheers!

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Here are my nine planets over a tenth on a background, thanks to Sturmer for the hint about Turnur!



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